texas revolotion

  • battle of gonzales

    moor's men crossed the river and fired the tiny cannon at the mexican solders.
  • consultation

    settlers who belonged to war partly urged dedgates to declare independence from mexico
  • battle of san antonio

    the siege of san antonio dragged on, and the texan army began to drift away
  • siege of san antonio

    the texans attack san antonio
  • battle of the alamo

    the siege at the alamo begins
  • constitutional convention of 1836

    the delegates gatherd at washington-on-the-brazos for the second meeting of the consultation, also know as conventionof 1836
  • battle of coleto

    fannin recived order from general sam houston to retreat to vicoria
  • goliade massacre

    more than 300 texans are executed at goliade
  • battle of san jacinto

    texans army defeats mexican army at san jacinto
  • runaway scrape

    treaties of velasco are signed