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Texas relevance through the years

  • 1528

    Alvar Núñez discovers Texas

    Alvar Núñez was the first spanish expeditioner that arrived with his troops to Galveston Island very close to Texas discovering the new territory.
  • French troops settle in the actual Texas

    Spain didn´t had that much population to make cities in Texas so the french 150 years later arrived and tried to make the first camps establishing the Fort of Saint Louis.
  • Spain stablish the province of Texas

    In response to the settling of the french, Spain moved their troops and limited the territory.
  • USA and Spain sign the treaty of Adams-Onís

    The content of that treaty consisted on the limitation of the spanish and the american borders. In that treaty Texas still belonged to Spain.
  • Mexico forgets about Texas

    Mexico got indepent from Spain months after the treaty. They decided to divide the country in states. Texas government was left alone with bad politicians on the government and very few poblation.
  • Solution to few poblation: atract migrants

    To solve the problem of depopulation the government of México gave fields to american migrants if they come to live there. The americans had to talk in spanish obligatory.
  • Anahuac riots

    The proportion of the population in Texas was of 8 americans per mexican. This caused that the texans started to want the independence and caused some rebelions in the cities.
  • Texas independence declaration

    The texans supported by the government of USA declared their indepence from Mexico.
  • Texas wins the war with Mexico

    After the independence declaration the mexicans movilized their troops and tried to return order to the state. The texans captured the mexican president and obly him to recognise Texas as an indepent country.
  • Texas joins USA

    USA and Mexico start another war due to territorial conflicts. USA wins and the texans decide to make part of the country. Since 1845 Texas has been an state of US.