Texas history timeline

By Ccm6032
  • Jan 1, 1492

    Age of exploration begins

    The Europeans explored for 3 reasons 1. Gold 2. Glory 3. God
    Columbus was looking for an alternate route to Asia so they could trade faster
    The majority of the explorers came from Spain and France
    A conquistador is the leader of an exploration
    Cortes Hernando tor down tenochtitlan and founded new Spain
  • Jan 1, 1517

    Pineda maps Texas coast

    Pineda leads several expeditions to map the west coast of the Gulf of Mexico. He ends up making the first map of the American west coast.
  • Jan 1, 1528

    Cabeza de Vaca shipwrecks

    Cabeza de face was captured by the Avavares tribe when he was ship wrecked.
    Diseases killed many natives and explorers because this was the first time they were exposed to it.
    When Cabeza arrived in Mexico the people thought he was a God
  • Jan 1, 1541

    Coronado sets out for Cibola

    Cibola or the seven cities of Cibola were cities that were supposed to have great treasure in them.
    Coronado thought Cibola was in Texas because Texas was supposed to have lots of gold
    sadly Coronado never found Cibola.
    coronado did find a river that went through Texas
  • La Salle lands and in Texas

    Eventually France started exploring Texas too because of furs
    While in Texas La Salle discovers the Louisianna river delta.
  • Fort Saint Lois founded

    Fort St. Louis was built near Arenosa creek.
    La Salle founded fort st Lois
    There were two reasons fort St. Louis failed. One the AI's there died before 10 years were up. Two, they never learned anything
    La Salle was shot to death in 1687
  • Marques de Rubi inspects Texas

    Rubi's mission was to help changes in Mexico
    The leader of Mexico sent him
    Rubi recommended to treat the AIs better because the system was not working
  • Mission San Francisco founded

    The purpose of a mission is to convert natives to Spanish or French citizens
    Most missions were led by Friars
    The spainish built most of the missions
    Most missions converted natives to Catholicism
    Most missions fail because of disease and Starvatio
    Most failed because of plague
    Normally smaller forts protected missions
  • Philip Nolan Expedition

    A filibuster is some one who wanted Money or land and was willing to fight
    some other filibusters are father Hidalgo and Jean Lafitte
    Jean Lafitte was a French pirate who raided spainish ships and stole treasure
  • Louisiana Purchase

    The Louisiana purchase made relations worse between the two
    After that the only countries that owned parts of North America were the USA, Spain, and Mexico
  • Moses Austin asks permission for a colony

    The spainish granted land because his friend who was a politician convinced the spainish
    Before Austin could establish his colony he was robbed and had to walk home. He got sick and died later on.
  • Mexico gains Independence

    Mexico gained there independence from Spain
    The federal it's established the Mexican independence
    Texas was joined with guerra
  • Fredonian Rebellion

    There goal was to secede from the Mexican Rebublic
    They were upset with laws
    The rebels saw the Mexican army coming and retreated
  • Mier y Teran report

    The expedition was seeing the amount of Tejanos and Americans
    Mixer y Terrain was sent to do population statistic
    He recommend end more Tejanos for the possibility of a rebellion
  • Stephen F Austin Establishes his country colony

    emprosarioss were leaders of colonies
    SFA established his colony around where San antonio is today.
    Mexico made his colony have at east 300 people
    The old 300 were the original colonists. They had to have an important skill and have no connection with the USA army.
    Some challenges of setting up the colony were when the colonists taken by sea landed in the wrong place and native attacks
    Name 2 other empresarios.
  • Law of April 6 1830

    U.S. Could not come Texas anymore
    Empresarios had to keep count of the races
    Mexicans got free land and ride to Texas
    Slaves could no longer be bought or traded but if you had a slave from before you could keep him
    New Forts were established due to attacks
    If you imported something it had extra taxes
  • Convention of 1833

    The convention was about Texas rebellions
    A politician from Texas