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Texas History

  • The Battle Of Gonzales

    Battle in which the Texans revolted against the Spansih,thus beginning the war between Texas and Mexico.
  • Battle of Goliad

    The Texas attacked Goliad, cutting off the Mexican supply route, thus leaving them without provisions of ammunition.
  • The Siege of San Antonio

    Cos and his troops began invading and attacking citizens and their homes in San Antonio, meanwhile the Texan army was waiting outside. Late at night the Texans charged the Mexicans, quickly defeating them in a swift battle.
  • Declaration Of November 7th

    The top Texan leaders form each part of the soon to be state, met at Washington-on-the-Brazos,to sign a declaration, saying that Texas was and independent country. The vote was passed from everyone, and from that day forth Texas has been a separate state.
  • The Grass Fight

    Early on november 26th, Erastus "Deaf" Smith rode into camp, bringing word that over 100 Mexican troops were accompanying troops and cover wagons into San Antonio. That night the texas attacked, think the wagons carried Silver. After a swift victory, the Texans discovered it was onlyfilled with grass.
  • The Capture Of san Antonio

    The Texan troops attacked in the early moring of December 5th, attcking sleeping Mexican troops. After 5 days of fighting, San Antonio had been captured by the Texans, thus pushing almost every Mexican troop out of Texas.
  • Davy Crockett arrives in Texas

    Davy Crockett arrives in texas and is welcomed with a feast and harty cheers. He then volenteers to fight in the Texan army.
  • The Covention of 1836

    Texans met on Washington-on-the-Brazos to discuss war against Mexico, and create their own consitution. Everyone at the meeting agreed there was no turning back.
  • Siege of The Alamo

    Early March 6th, Mexican troops letdby Santa Anna attacked the Alamo. The Battle lasted only 45 minutes, leaving every texan troop inside dead. They allowed women and children inside to leave however.
  • The Runaway Scrape

    Still unaware of the outcome of the Alamo, Houston began to advance his troops to Gonzales. When he discovvered the defeat, most of the texans became frighted for their families and themselves. Lots of people abandoned nearby towns, gathering all they could with themselves. This event was later called the Runaway Scarape.
  • Fannin's Surrender At Goliad

    On early March 19th, Fannin lead his troop into an open prarie ona foggy morning. They were then greeted by close to 300 Mexican troops, Fannin then surrendered, allowing the troops to capture his men and himself.
  • The Battle of San Jacinto

    The Mexican troops had been sleeping all day when the Texans attacked. The battle only lasted 18 minutes, the Texans having a swift victory. Most of the troops wanted to kill Santa Anna, but Sam Houston didn't allow it.