Texas History

By Shr3214
  • Jan 1, 1400

    Age of Exploration

    What reasons did Europeans explore? (3) God glory gold. What was Columbus looking for when he found America? Asia. Which countries were most explorers from? Spain. What is a conquistador? Soldiers who were brought to protect missions. Which explorer tore down Tenochtitlan and founded New Spain? Hernan Cortez.
  • Nov 5, 1519

    Pineda Maps Texas Coast

    Describe Pineda’s route and accomplishments: He went to the gulf coast and map of the Gulf coast.
  • Jul 6, 1528

    Cabreva de Vaca shipwrecks

    Which Native tribe captures Cabeza de Vaca? Karankawas. What killed many Natives and explorers during the Age of Contact? Disease and hunger. When Cabeza de Vaca arrived in Mexico, what did people think about his stories? They saw hints of an fabled land with great wealth.
  • Jan 1, 1540

    Coronado sets for Cibola

    What is Cibola? A city of silver and gold. Why did Coronado think Cibola was in Texas? Because he was reading Cabeza De Vacas Poem. Did they find Cibola? No. What is one important landmark that the expedition did discover. The Grand Canyon.
  • La Salle lands in Texas

    Which country began challenging Spain for Texas? French
    Which river delta did La Salle discover? Arkansas river and Missisipi river
  • Fort St. Louis founded

    Where is Ft. St. Louis? Besides the Garcitas creek
    Who founded Ft. St. Louis? La salle
    Name 2 reasons why Ft. St. Louis failed. Indian attacks and it missed where it was supposed to be by 400 miles
    How was La Salle killed? By a musket shot from Pierre Duhaut during an ambush.
  • Period: to

    Marques de Rubi inspects Texas

    What was de Rubi’s mission? To report back whether the Spanish missions are getting successful or not.
    Who sent de Rubi on his mission? Spain
    Name 2 recommendations that de Rubi made after his journey. The presidios can't protect the missions and to leave the missions to waste.
  • Mission San Francisco founded

    What is the purpose of a mission? To convert the Cados to Christ and make them Spanish citizens
    Who led missions? Friars
    Which country is responsible for building missions? Spain
    What religion were missions affiliated with? Christianity
    Were most missions successful? No
    Why did missions fail? Because of Native American attacks and ot a lot of native Americans converted to Christianity.
    What buildings protected missions? Presidio
  • Period: to

    Philip Nolan expidetion

    What is a filibuster? Someone who's a military adventurer and wants a state of a country to revouloutionize from its country.
    Name 2 other filibuster besides Philip Nolan. General James Wilkinson and Augustus Magee
    Who was Jean Lafitte? A pirate who steals from ships.
  • Louisiana Purchase

    What did the Louisiana purchase mean for US-Spanish relations? The heat was rising more for Mexico with the U.S. purchasing more states and soon enough the U.S. will be right beside Mexico
    Which 3 countries still claimed land in North America after the Louisiana Purchase? Spain Mexico and Texas
  • Moses Austin asks for permission for a colony

    Why did the Spanish grant Austin permission to establish a colony?
    What happened to Moses before he could establish his colony? He got arrested.
  • Stephen F. Austin establishes a colony

    What is an empresario? A settler that has a right to own land but in exchange has the responsibility to recruit people and take care of them.
    Where did SFA establish his colony? Along the Brazos river
    What were some of the requirements Mexico made SFA’s colony meet?
    Describe the “Old 300.” What kind of people were they? 300 families.
    What were some challenges in establishing the colony? Indian attacks Name 2 other empresarios Robertson, Clack and Dewitt Green
  • Mexico gains Independence from Spain

    Who did Mexico gain their independence from? Spain
    Which Constitution did the Federalist’s establish for Mexico? Constitution of the united Mexico states
    Under the Constitution, which Mexican state was Texas joined with? Coahuila y Tejas
  • Fredonian Republic

    What was the goal of the Fredonian Rebellion? To not get kicked off of land and secede from Mexico
    Who were the Edwards brothers upset with? Mexico because they didnt allow them to keep the land even though they bough it
    How did the Rebellion end? It started a riot and lead to the meir y Teran report and the brothers dtried to make a country name d Fredonian
  • Period: to

    Meir y teran report

    What was the goal of the Mier y Teran expedition? Investigate conditions of Texas after the Edward brothers made a riot.
    Why was Mier y Teran sent? Because he is a Mexican general
    What recommendations did Mier y Teran make? To ban U.S. immigration and to bring in more Catholics
  • Law of April 6, 1830 passes

    What did the law say about
    U.S. immigration? No more U.S. citizens
    Empresario contracts? Cancelled it
    Mexican immigration? Forced them to go to Texas
    Slavery? Can't bring slaves into country unless you already have one in the country
    New Forts? Yes
    Import taxes? Higher
  • Convention of 1833

    What was the goal of the Convention? To discuss Mexican problems
    Who made the trip to Mexico City to present the resolutions? SFA
  • Austin arrested

    Why was SFA arrested? The mexico government thought he hated them and thought SFA was a filibuster
    Because of his imprisonment, what did SFA change his mind about? That they should revoloutionize
  • Battle of Gonzales

    Why was the battle of Gonzales fought? Because Mexico wanted their cannon back and Gonzales was hiding it and soon enough, they attacked Mexican troops with it
    Who won? It was a bloody battle but somehow Texas won
    Which important Texas slogan originated during the battle? A white flag with a cannon on it and saying come and take it
  • San Antonio de Bexar Siege

    What is a siege? a military operation where a military force surronds a place and raids the place.
    Who controlled San Antonio before the siege? Mexico
    Who controlled San Antonio after the siege? Texas
  • Runaway scrape

    Which direction was everybody moving?
    What was the goal/purpose of the Runaway Scrape? To go to Louisiana for safety from Santa anna threatning to kill anyone who hated the government of Mexico and burning houses so soldiers couldnt rest.
    Why was everybody running away? Because of Santa Anna
    What did people think about Sam Houston for running away from Santa Anna? a Coward
  • Fall of Alamo

    Name 3 notable Alamo defenders. James Bowie, Davy Crockett and Travis
    How many Alamo defenders were there? How many Mexican troops? 260 texas troops and 1800 mexicn troops.
    Why didn’t Sam Houston send reinforcements to the Alamo? Because he knew they were going to lose and he didnt want to risk losing more soldiers
    Which side won the Battle of the Alamo? Mexico
  • Goliad Masscre

    Which battle did Fannin and his men lose to be taken prisoner? The battle of Goliad
    Who ordered the massacre of Fannin’s men? Santa anna
    How many Texans died during the massacre? 342
  • Convention of 1836

    Which 2 important documents were created at the convention? Texas declaration of independence and Constitution of the republic of Texas
  • Battle of San Jacinto

    What were 2 war-cries that the Texans shouted during the battle? Remember the alamo and remember Goliad
    What was the number of casualties for both sides? 9 deaths and 30 wounded for Texas and 630 killed, 208 wounded and 730 captured for Mexico(It was a close one guys, but somehow we won) Describe what Santa Anna did during the battle. He ran away and dressed as a normal Mexican soldier
    Which side was victorious? Texas( Man what an intense battle, especially for Texas)