Texas history

By Axa3130
  • Jan 1, 1400

    Age of exploration begins

    What reasons did Europeans explore? Land,money and resources.
    What was Columbus looking for when he found America?He wanted to find Asia.
    Which countries were most explorers from?europe.
    What is a conquistador?A leader
    Which explorer tore down Tenochtitlan and founded New Spain?Hernán Cortés
  • Jan 1, 1492

    Cabeza de Vaca shipwrecks

    Which Native tribe captures Cabeza de Vaca? karanawa Indians.
    What killed many Natives and explorers during the Age of Contact?killing stations
    When Cabeza de Vaca arrived in Mexico, what did people think about his stories?good
  • Jun 2, 1494

    Pineda maps Texas coast

    Describe Pineda’s route and accomplishments.
    Yucatán Peninsula to the Pánuco River
    First document in Texas history
    The land between the Pánuco River and Florida to be mapped.
  • La Salle lands in Texas

    Which country began challenging Spain for Texas?france
    Which river delta did La Salle discover?missippi river
  • Fort St. Louis founded

    Where is Ft. St. Louis?u.s.a
    Who founded Ft. St. Louis?texas
    Name 2 reasons why Ft. St. Louis failed.fort fails,travel
    How was La Salle killed?fort fails
  • Mission San Francisco founded

    What is the purpose of a mission?Remaining physical monument of the Spanish Empire and Mexican Republic.
    Who led missions?indian leaders.
    Which country is responsible for building missions?sonama.
    What religion were missions affiliated with?7
    Were most missions successful?no.
    Why did missions fail?sickness
    What buildings protected missions?chronicle building
  • The Louisiana Purchase

    What did the Louisiana purchase mean for US-Spanish relations?some land bought.
    Which 3 countries still claimed land in North America after the Louisiana Purchase?terrtorys.
  • Mexico gains Independence

    Who did Mexico gain their independence from?spain.
    Which Constitution did the Federalist’s establish for Mexico?consition of Mexico
    Under the Constitution, which Mexican state was Texas joined with?coahulia
  • Marques de Rubi Inspects Texas

    What was de Rubi’s mission?To explore the northern frontier.
    Who sent de Rubi on his mission?spain
    Name 2 recommendations that de Rubi made after his journey?organize,military.
  • Coronado sets out for Cibola

    What is Cibola? A painting
    Why did Coronado think Cibola was in Texas?7 cites are there
    Did they find Cibola?no
  • Philip Nolan Expedition

    What is a filibuster?not in army
    Name 2 other filibuster besides Philip Nolan.storm,Jean laffet
    Who was Jean Lafitte?filabustero
  • Moses Austin Asks Permission for Colony

    Why did the Spanish grant Austin permission to establish a colony?he got land.
    What happened to Moses before he could establish his colony?goverment changed mind.
  • Stephen F. Austin Establishes His Colony

    What is an empresario?granted the right to settle on Mexican
    Where did SFA establish his colony?mexico
    What were some of the requirements Mexico made SFA’s colony meet?no slaves
    Describe the “Old 300.” What kind of people were they?mexicans
    What were some challenges in establishing the colony?food.
    Name 2 other empresarios.sfa,Martían.
  • Fredonian Rebellion

    What was the goal of the Fredonian Rebellion?more people
    Who were the Edwards brothers upset with?fail
    How did the Rebellion end?fail.