Texas Colonization Timeline

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    Texas Colonization Timeline

    Note: Months fro all but Mexican independence are made up.
  • Philip Nolan invades Texas

  • Nolan is Killed and his mustangers surrender

  • Fr.Hidalgo issues his cry for Mexican independence

  • Fr. Hidalgo is executed/Spanish regain control of Texas

  • The Gutierrez-Magee Expedition captures Nacogdoches

  • Spain reclaims Texas (again) and the Gutierrez-Magee is almost completely destroyed

  • James Long captures Nacogdoches

  • Moses Austin leaves for Texas

  • Mexico gains independence from Spain

  • Settlers begin arriving in Texas

  • Moses Austin dies

  • Stephen F. Austin meets with Gov. Martinez

  • Mexican law sets up empresario system

  • Mexico becomes a republic

  • San Felipe de Austin becomes capital of Austin's colony

  • Old Three Hundred arrive in Texas

  • Green DeWitt brings 400 families to Texas

  • Pop. of San Felipe de Austin reaches 200