• Negrito

    Negrito is Texs horses everyday before school Tex goes out to feed him and check on him. Tex like to go on rides with him.
  • Texs Ride

    Texs Ride
    Tex rides to school and home from school with Johnny Colins in his cycle. Johnny is Texs bestfriend.
  • Selling Horses/ fight

    Selling Horses/ fight
    Mason decided to sell the horses because they needed the money when Tex finds out he gets really mad and then they got in a big fight.
  • Chapter Two

    Chapter Two
    Tex starts to hve feelings for Jammie wich is Johnny's sister. Jammie offered to pay for for the gypsy and tex did not want her to pay for anything because he did not think that was right.
  • Chapter Three

    Tex meets Lem which is a friend of Mason's. Lem smokes joints instead of cigars. When Tex wakes up Jammie she spays him with a water gun.
  • Chapter Four

    Miss Carlson asked Tex "Why dont you read another book by the same author". Johnny was going to attemped to jump the creek and chickens out and skids the cycle on its side.
  • Chapter Five

    Mason ges into the city for a Dr. apointment. Mason finds out he has ulcers.
  • Chapter Six

    Lem's job is to sell dope. Tex and Mason decide to pick up a hitchhicker. The guy become crazy and put a gun to Tex and tell him to drive wher he wants him to so Tex slams on the brkes and rolls the truck to get them free.
  • Chapter Seven

    Pops shows back home and promises him Negrito back for his birthday but the new owners would not give him back
  • Chapter Eight

  • Chapter Nine

  • Chapter Ten

  • Chapter Eleven

  • Chapter Twelve