Terrica's Developmental Timeline

  • Period: to

    Prenatal to Birth

  • Date of Conception

  • Labor began (3 weeks early)

  • Date of Brith

  • Period: to

    Birth to Newborn

  • Recognize Mother

    I am now able to recognize who my motheris and i know that she takes care of me.
  • Learing to raise head

    Physicallly able to left head up while laying on my stomach.
  • Trust

    By this time I have developed trust in my mother that she will provide for me what i need.
  • Period: to

    Infancy to Toddlerhood

  • Starting to say my first words

    My brain was developing to a point where i understood what certain words, like mom and dad meant.
  • Was able to walk on my own.

    My parents now had the job of running around the house chasing me because i could get into everything!!!
  • Starting to have feelings for my father...

    Phallic Stage- Freud's Theory
  • Period: to

    Early to Middle childhood

  • Starting Kindergarden!!!!

  • Discpline

    I am starting to see and understand the consequences for my wrong actions.
  • Play

    I always want to be outside. By this time i am getting my exercise from running around, playing games with friends.
  • Period: to


  • Started my period/Puberty

    I got my first period at school. After that there were changes in physical self.
  • I started/continued to develop various relationships with friends/family

  • I got my first job!

  • Graduation

    I'm Smart!!!!
  • Period: to

    Early Adulthood

  • Bodily changes

    2012+ Changes likes; metabolism slowing down, pregnancy, weigh gain. physical activity, etc.
  • I graduate from college

    I'm Smarter!
  • Marriage

    To the man that God wants me to marry. An interdependent relationship.
  • Begin Family

  • Mid-life crisis

    I'm Getting Old!!!
  • Period: to

    Middle Adulthood

  • Health

    at age 35, my health will start to decline. (hopefully slowly)
  • Stress

    At this age, my mom may be getting sick, so i will have to care for her. This along with my own family will create mental and physical stress.
  • Way of Thinking

    At the this age I will be "set in my ways." I will know what i need to in order to make decisions. I will become "stubborn"
  • Children out of the nest

    My husband and I will able to reconnect as we were before we had children. (Empty Nest)
  • Period: to

    Late Adulthood

  • My body starts to get smaller due to Osteoporosis

  • Dementia

    SLIGHT loss of memory
  • I will be living with my children

    I can no longer provide and care for myself, so I WILL be living with my children.