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Terraforming Lore

  • First known reference to Terraforming

    Olaf Stapledon, proposed electrolysis over venus's theoretical oceans to produce oxygen and develop an atmosphere
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    Terraforming Lore

  • Arthur C Clark

    Produced the novel called The Sands of Mars describing the terraforming of mars
  • Carl Sagan

    Carl sagan discusses the potential possibility of terraforming venus through the introduction of microbial life to produce a liveable atmosphere
  • Carl Sagan

    Carl Sagan describes in an article of the possibility of vaporizing the polar ice caps by covering them in a layer of dark dust, this would theoretically lower the ice caps albedos and result in a temperature increase.
  • NASA gets involved

    NASA conducts a research survey named "On the Habitability of Mars: an Approach to Planetary Ecosynthesis". The outcome of this survey was that it would take 100,000 years for microbiol life to produce the required oxygen to consider Mars Terraformed. But NASA admits that this process could certaintly be accelerated with advances in technology.
  • Terraforming Colloquium

    It was a huge success and brought much attention to the idea of terraforming to the science community and those interested in such thoughts. People just started to grasp the true realization of the infinite posibility of our human capabalities to become a species not bound by a single planet, but the seeders of life, spreading our seed to any planet able to house our human seed of life, sustaining earth culture throughout the entire cosmos and beyond.
  • New Earths, James Oberg

    This book surveyed the state of the art of terraforming thought. After the publishing of this book, a period of quiet mouths and muzzled minds occured. The scientists interested in this field were mainly young, enthusiatic humans who had not gained the respects of their older, more conditioned and money focused peers. Thoughts of these kind were seen as outlandish and unreasonable according to the traditional scientist of the time, therefore no serious research could have been conducted
  • The first scientific periodical that only focused on terraforming was created

  • (Making Mars Habitable by McKay, Kasting and Toon) was published in Nature

    Nature is a scientific journal of international stance and convinced others previously skeptical of the idea to consider otherwise
  • the verb ‘terraform’ was officially added to the english vocabulary by inclusion in the New Shorter Oxford Dictionary

  • the first technical textbook on terraforming, written by Martyn Fogg, was published

  • Michio Kaku proposes new idea for Mars

    He proposes two options to seed life on mars. One, strap nuclear rockets onto asteroids rich of lifes building blocks, and launch them onto mars for a period of ten years with the hopes that the microbes, minerals, ice, etc. will take hold and create a suitable atmosphere. Two, Create thousands of greenhouse domes full of plant life, lift the domes at a strategic moment and theoretically create the desired atmosphere