The martian chronicles

The Martian Chronicles

  • rocket summer

    This is the first interchapter where a rocket lands on Earth.
  • ylla

    Ylla, a Martian woman trapped in an unromantic marriage dreams about a man coming from Earth, kissing her. This dream distrubs Ylla so she tells her husband, Yll, about the dream. He begings to be jealous so he tells her to stay at home because a doctor is coming to see if she has a mental issue .She dreams more and sings a song in another language she doesn't understand. Finally, Yll put a mask to hide his feeling and kills the Earthian Ylla has dreamed of because Ylla knows when he'll come.
  • the summer night

    This is an interchapter. The scene takes place on Mars. Martians all over the planet are acting weird : they're singing american songs of the 40's.
  • the earth men

    The captain and his three-man-crew arrive on Mars. They want someone telling us they're awesome. However, every Martians think they have hallucinations and mental issues so a Martian , Mr Xxx, decide to shoot the captain and his crew but Mr Xxx doesn't see the rocket disappear. He thinks he's crazy so he does the only logical thing and shoots himself.
  • the taxpayer

    It's an interchapter. The narrator introduces a new character called Pritchard. He's a taxpayer and wants to go to Mars. He wants to leave because a nuclear war is coming. He needs to escape, get away and change his life. It's an emergancy to leave Earth. Finally, he can't go to Mars.
  • the third expedition

    The third expedition land on Mars and is composed of 17 men. They discover that Mars looks like Earth. They try to find a reason why this city looks like their hometown, so they go to a martian's home to ask questions about this city. Everyone meets their dead family members so they decide to sleep in their house. However, the next morning, the martians organize a funural for the 17 men because there were not dead family members but martian and they killed every Earthmen.
  • and the moon be still as bright

    The fourth expedition lands on Mars.In this story, many of the Martians have been wiped out by chickenpox, in a similar way to the smallpox virus killing Native Americans after European colonization.Spender comes back, claming to be a martian, and shot five men. After that, the captain killed Splinder, shot him right in the chest.
  • the settlers

    It's a short interchapter.
    The first settlers on Mars are lonely.
  • the green morning

    We have here a new character and the chapter is mainly about him. We have the description of Mars under a different light. The reader comes to understand why it is difficult to breath on Mars : there is no vegetation. Benjamin job is to plant trees on Mars. It's an exemple of colonization.
  • the locusts

    This is another interchapter.
    People are building houses on Mars like on Earth.
  • night meeting

    Tomas meets a Martian but they can't see the same things and they can not touch each other. One live in the past the othet in the future.
  • the shore

    Two rockets of men arrive on Mars. The first rocket is composed of farmers and workers and the other rocket is composed of townsfolks.
  • the fire ballons

    Priests are going to Mars to convert some natives but most of the Martians are dead. However, a father things there are another race of Martians which looks like blue sphere. They decide to build churches. Blue sphere are already holy.
  • interim

    This is a short interchapter.
    People who arrived on Mars are building towns like on earth.
  • the musicians

    Children go in a dead town on Mars to play music with dead bones and skeletons
  • way up in the middle of the air

    Every black people from the South are going to Mars so they help each other to make sure everyone gets to go to Mars.
  • the naming of names

    Everything on Mars have Earth names like places, streets...
  • the old ones

    Old people are going to Mars.
  • the martian

    Lafe and Anna Lafarge are an old couple.They're on Mars to forget their son : Tom. One day, Tom shows up but Mr Lafarge thinks it's hallucinations.
  • the luggage store

    Atomic war is coming close on Earth. A priest and a luggage salesman discuss this topic. They believe everyone will go back if war does break out and that luggage sales will go up.
  • the off season

    Sam Parkill, a man who has a hot dog stand on Mars and wants to have , is distrubed by some Martians . So, Sam shoots one so he decide to escape but the Martians tell him they're giving the half of Mars to him. Unfortunetely, Earth' nuclear war is coming. His dream of having the best hot dog stand is ruined.
  • the watchers

    This is an interchapter and one of the main chapter of the book.
    People on Mars observe and listen as the Earth is destroyed. Australia is straight up gone from an accidental detonation. People from Mars all head back to join the war effort.
  • the silent town

    Walter Gripp has been left behind on Mars. He finds another person, a woman. He meets her and does not like her at all : she is annoying and fat. He escapes and prefers loneliness.
  • the long year

    Dr Hathaway lives on Mars with his family because they missed their rocket to go back to Earth. One day, a rocket comes to Mars : it's Captain Wilder: the guy of the 4th expedition. Finally, we discover the hathaway are robots.
  • there will come soft rains

    In California, an automated house goes on its automated way. Everyone is dead but the house resists. Finally, a strong wind breaks a window and starts a fire : the fire triumphs.
  • the million-year picnic

    A family arrives on Mars. The three children of the family are confused with what's going on. One day, the father destroys their rocket and later hetells the family that they will be Martians from now on.