The Martian Chronicles

  • Rocket Summer

    A rocket comes to a town in ohio and changes the winter into sumer.. This chronicle shows what technology can do. The season change brought by technology forshadows human future life.
  • Ylla

    Ylla thinks and dreams about men from earth and her husband think that she is lying. But his action contradicts what he was saying by refusing to allow her to leave the house. This chronicle revolves around the possibility of other planets.
  • The taxpayer

    A man fights to get on a rocket and he wishes to get away from the government to escape an atomic war. The man get dragged off the rocket as it launches to Mars. This foreshadows how this man might have gotten saved if this third expedition fails
  • The Summer Nght

    Martians throughout mars are confused about a song they do not know the language to. People awake with terror through their minds.This just show a negative reaction to what indivisuals are not accustommed to.
  • The Earth Men

    Astronauts arrive to mars but they are not welcomed as they are commited to an asylum. Then they are excecuted. The astronauts were disinterested in the Martians because they thought they would be like humans
  • The third expedition

    A crew land on mars and finds a city like earths. They find there deceased family but the captain believs ut is fake and tries to get away at noght right before he is killed. The captain sensed something was wrong but that led to his demise
  • The moon be still as bright

    This was the 4th expedition and 20men traveled. as they made a camp fire spender walked off after getting sick and returned to kill them all. i tink spender was killed and a martian replaced his image to kill the men
  • The settlers

    Was a short story to explain a journey to Mars. It portrayed emotion of an idea what people heading to space felt.
  • The green Morning

    This is about a man who wants to plant trees but he passed out because of thin air. He made a goal to plant thousands of trees in mars. Thousands of trees sprouted to full sized trees.
  • The locusts

    This chronicle shows how everything on mars is advancing like earth. Was very short.
  • Night Meeting

    Gomez meets a martian on the hills. Both of them think each other is dead. Eventually they both think that each other were dreaming. Martians look at us just like we look at them. Different
  • The shore

    This chronicle talks about people coming from earth with different professions. Was very short. Bradbury uses this to show how many more people are coming to live on Mars.
  • Interim

    Very short and just showed more people coming to Mars and is just portraying a colonization of Mars
  • The musicians

    there is boys hiking and they find a dead city. They enter the house and begin kicking and screaming while playing music.Portrays destructive behavior of those who come to mars
  • The naming of names

    People start renaming martian land. Also they name the cemetaries . This chronicl gives sredears a better idea of human interaction.Shows how human are becoming comfortable
  • The old ones

    old people go to mars and in there eyes it is an escape and it shows another group of people finding the value of mars.
  • the martian

    Lafarge and his wife anna settles on mars. Tere son comes back to life as they think but it is actually a shapeshifted martian. Then others see the martian as there deceased loved ones. Ultimately hte martian dies and bradbury shows that everyone cant be who everyone wants you to be.
  • the luggage store

    A preist and luggage salesman are discussing chance of a war. they believ people from earth will return to earth. Bradbury shows our human connection to past items
  • The off season

    Sam is making a hotdog stand on mars and kills many martians already o ars. They give sam half of mars and then earth disseminates.Sam is representing the human american greed trying to achieve the american dream
  • The watchers

    This is another small story and there is new about a possible war on mars and colonist come to mars to see exlosions on earth
  • the silent towns

  • Usher2

    This is a reinterpretation of the house of usher from edgar allen poe.This chronicle was to show us how some changes in laws brought onto mars.Bradbury includes this to show the changes that they are taking place