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The Martian Chronicles

By dedgar1
  • Rocket Summer

    Rocket Summer
    It is winter time in Ohio, where a massive rocket is launched into space. This rocket creates so much heat that all of the snow melts in the area, making it seem like a short moment of summer in Ohio.
  • Period: to

    The Martian Chronicles Timeline

  • Ylla

    The setting is Mars, where the reader first meets a female Martian named Ylla. The physical description of the general population of Martians is that they have brownish skin, yellow hair, and yellow eyes. Ylla has a "dream" that a human from Earth, named Nathaniel York, is in a rocket that will eventually land on Mars. Ylla's husband, thinks that she's sick and Ylla also knows where the rocket will land, so Yll kills the human.
  • The Summer Night

    The Summer Night
    On an August night on Mars, all of the Martians hum Earth tunes and have strange dreams, just like Ylla did. The following morning, a group of Earth men arrive on Mars, going door-to-door saying that they are from Earth. But each Martian they talk to leads them to another until they finally end up in an insane asylum and meet Mr. Xxx. Mr. Xxx beleives that the captain and his crew are hallucinations, so he shoots all of them, then himself.
  • The Earth Men

    The Earth Men
    The following morning, a group of Earth men, led by Captain Williams, arrive on Mars, going door-to-door saying that they are from Earth. But each Martian they talk to leads them to another until they finally end up in an insane asylum and meet Mr. Xxx. Mr. Xxx beleives that the captain is hallucinating his crew, so Mr. Xxx shoots him. Then he shoots the crew, then himself because he believes the source of the hallucinations is himself.
  • The Taxpayer

    The Taxpayer
    A man runs to the launchpad of another rocket to Mars demanding to go to Mars, but he is arrested on the spot. The reason he does this is because he believes nuclear war is near on Earth, so he wants to leave Earth and go to Mars.
  • The Third Expedition

    The Third Expedition
    The crew of the third expedition land on Mars, surprised to see that the landscape looks like a familiar American town. Captain John Black is skeptical at first, but when he meets his long-lost parents and brother, he begins to believe what he is seeing. The other crew members eventually explore and find their own long-lost family members as well. Black then realizes that it's all just a Martian trap and tries to escape, but his "brother" kills him. A funeral is held the next day for the crew.
  • And the Moon Be Still as Bright (Part 2)

    And the Moon Be Still as Bright (Part 2)
    The following morning, the crew sets out to explore the ruins of the Martian Civilization. Spender deserts the rest of the crew to do his own exploration. The crew wonders where Spender went, but don't worry about. Spender eventually returns to the camp, claiming that he is a Martian to Cheroke, Cookie, Biggs, and two other crew members, killing them in the process. Spender tried to trust Cheroke, but Cheroke denied his offer to live like a Martian.
  • And the Moon Be Still as Bright (Part 3)

    And the Moon Be Still as Bright (Part 3)
    Spender then retreats back to the hills of Mars, but Captain Wilder follows him and tries to reason with him. Spender tells Wilder that he is going to kill the rest of the crew to prevent any more humans from settling on Mars. Wilder then has to shoot Spender because Spender won't back down. Wilder understands the way Spender felt about the Martian Civilization, so he contd. to preserve and protect it.
  • And the Moon Be Still as Bright (Part 1)

    And the Moon Be Still as Bright (Part 1)
    The fourth expedition to Mars is successful and lands a little over a year after the third. When the crew arrives, Hathaway, who is a physician, discovers that all of the Martians have died from chicken pox. Captain Wilder and the rest of the crew party and drink alcohol during the night, which angers Spender. Biggs throws his beer bottles into a Martian river nearby, which causes Spender to punch him in the mouth. Spender feels dignified and respectful toward the Martian Civilization.
  • The Settlers

    The Settlers
    People of Earth begin to travel to Mars and settle there for the hope of a new life and work. At first, however, these settlers of Mars suffer from Lonliness or depression because there aren't a whole lot of Earth men on Mars at the time.
  • The Green Morning

    The Green Morning
    A settler from Earth named Benjamin Driscoll arrives on Mars, realizing that the air is very thin. This motivates Benjamin to plant all kinds of plants, trees, and grass on Mars. What he doesn't know is that the soil on Mars is extremely rich, more so than on Earth, so the vegetation grows within one day. Benjamin realizes this astonishing sight when he wakes up the following morning, only to see green everywhere and being able to breath clearly.
  • Locusts

    There are a lot of rockets full of Earth people, landing on Mars to expand civilization. There are also over a dozen towns that are built on Mars by Americans.
  • Night Meeting

    Night Meeting
    A man named Tomas Gomez is originally from Earth, who has settled on Mars along with other Americans. Tomas drives to a party where there will be girls and alcohol, but on his way there, he runs into a Martian, named Muhe Ca, that looks like a green prayingmantis. Tomas and Muhe Ca talk for a while, only to realize that they can both see through eachother like ghosts. They argue over what each of their lives don't exist such as parties, towns, etc. Then they part ways.
  • The Shore

    The Shore
    There are waves and waves of incoming settlers to Mars. All of which are Americans. The first wave included mostly people to build homes from nothing. The second wave included people from the cities.
  • The Fire Balloons (Part 2)

    The Fire Balloons (Part 2)
    the fiery blue spirits to inhabit and have a place to practice their religion. But, the spheres eventually appear after the church is built, only to tell Father Peregrine that they don't need a place to represent their religion.
  • The Fire Balloons

    The Fire Balloons
    A group of reverends, especially Father Peregrine and Father Stone, travel to Mars to learn if Martian culture had any sort of religious beliefs. Since most of the original Martian population is dead, all the reverends find are these fiery blue spheres. They seem to be spirits of the ancient Martians. Father Peregrine ends up falling off of a cliff, but the spirits save him, which leads him to believe that they do have religious qualities. So, Father Peregrine insists that a church be built for
  • Interim

    Large masses of wood are transported into Mars in order to build cities. The cities that they build are very similar to American towns and cities.
  • The Musicians

    The Musicians
    The children of the adult settlers of Mars begin to find different ways to have fun. They hike to the old Martian ruins and stamp on the dead Martian corpses (which had chicken pox). They also take the bones from the corpses and play music with them.
  • The Wilderness

    The Wilderness
    Two women on Earth named Janice and Leonora are seen packing their belongings to prepare to depart from Earth to Mars. However, the thought of never coming back to Earth ever again makes the two women second-guess their decision. Janice's boyfriend, Will, who is currently on Mars at the time, sends her a note with a picture of their house on Mars, which lookls exactly like the one on Earth. In the end, the women travel to Mars.
  • The Naming of Names

    The Naming of Names
    Between the years 2004 nd 2005, settlers of Mars begin to name everything after the Earth men who explored Mars on the previous expeditions.
  • Usher II (Part 2)

    Usher II (Part 2)
    Stendahl later finds out that the original Garrett he killed was a robot and the real Garrett arrived during the party. He then kills him by sealing him in an alcove. Before the government arrives, Stendahl and Pipes disappear.
  • Usher II (Part 1)

    Usher II (Part 1)
    William Stendahl was inspired by Edgar Allen Poe's work and rebuilt a model of the House of Usher. The house is full of strange robot vampires, apes, and bats. On Mars, tales of fantasy is illegal, but Stendahl highly disagrees with this. So, whenever Garrett, an investigator, arrives at Stendahl's house, but Stendahl kills him. He then invites politicians who support anti-fantasy to his house, only to kill them in ways that allude to other stories.
  • The Old Ones

    The Old Ones
    The elderly people of Earth begin to inhabit Mars, allowing them to live their lives in peace.
  • The Martian

    The Martian
    A man named Lafarge and his wife, Anna, are settling in on Mars. Back on Earth a while back, they lost their only son, Tom. One night when the two are sleeping, Tom appears on their front porch, asking if he can come in. Lafarge and Anna can't believe that it was actually there "son". The family decides to go into town one day, but Tom is terrified to do so. He eventually gets lost and people see him morphing into their lost loved ones. In the end, Tom is overwhelmed and melts.
  • The Luggage Store

    The Luggage Store
    There is news that Earth will soon be caught up in a giant, nuclear war. A preist and a luggage salesman discuss how crazy this news is and how people haven't been on Mars long enough not to travel back to Earth to be with their families.
  • The Off Season

    The Off Season
    Sam Parkhill has always wanted to open his own hot dog stand on Mars. However, when a Martian comes to his door and tries to talk to him, Parkhill shoots the Martian and kills it. He then becomes paranoid that more Martians would come for him and kill him. So he and his wife, Elma, ride away on a sand ship. There is a fleet of Martian sand ships chasing after Parkhill when a Martian appears in his ship and he kills it. In the end, the Martians just wanted to talk to Sam to give him land.
  • The Watchers

    The Watchers
    People on Mars watch as Earth is destroyed by nuclear warfare and engulfed in flames. A message comes in from Earth saying that Australia, Los Angeles, and London have been bombed and pretty much destroyed. So, people on Mars pack their things and head back to Earth to be with their families and loved ones.
  • The Silent Towns

    The Silent Towns
    Everyone on Mars evacuates the planet except for one man named Walter Gripp. He is clueless on where everyone went to, but at the same time, he has some fun since he is most likely the last man on Mars. However, he eventually gets lonely, so he calls random numbers on a telephone and a woman picks up. Her name is Genevieve Selsor and the two meet up. She is fat and annoying and wants to marry Walter after a couple days together, so Walter leaves in a hurry and returns to living a lonely life.
  • The Long Years

    The Long Years
    Hathaway and his "family" are living on Mars. Hathaway goes outside and says that he is sorry to four gravestones, when all of a sudden, he sees a rocket in the sky about to land on Mars. He runs inside to tell his "family" and Captain Wilder and his crew arrives. Wilder is trying to bring survivors back to Earth, but Hathaway insists that they all eat breakfast before they leave. A crew member investigates the gravestones and reports that his family is deceased and Hathaway dies.
  • There Will Come Soft Rains

    There Will Come Soft Rains
    Back on Earth in California, an automated house is still performing everyday functions and duties, even though no one lives in the house anymore. Breakfast is made every morning, a dog dies from not being fed, robotic mice take the dead dog to the incinerator to clean the house, and everything is destroyed outside of the house. This chronicle symbolizes how even when humans all die, nature will still continue to live and rebuild the world on its own.
  • The Million-Year Picnic (Part 1)

    The Million-Year Picnic (Part 1)
    A father, mother, and their 3 kids land on Mars in a rocket. They all ride down a canal in a boat, while the oldest son, Timothy tries to figure out what was really going on. The rocket self-destructs because the Dad wanted his family to begin a new life on Mars and never be able to go back to Earth. The dad also tells his kids that another family and their daughters are on their way to Mars on another rocket to build a new life. The kids keep asking their dad about when they will see the
  • The Million-Year Picnic (Part 2)

    The Million-Year Picnic (Part 2)
    Martians, but their dad tells his kids they will see the Martians soon. Later, the dad allows his kids to choose a Martian town to have as their own to live in. In the end, the dad burns papers and other things from Earth since it doesn’t really exist anymore and he finally tells his kids to look at their reflections in the canal, which he says that they are the Martians after all.