Martian Chronicles

By 304954
  • Rocket Summer

    Rocket Summer
    A rocket descened by a small town in Ohio, the heat would bring "summer" with it.
  • Ylla

    This chapter has Ylla and her husband talking about her rediculous dream. She dreamt that a man from Earth came to Mars, and that he came in a "metal thing that glittered in the sun." Yll, Ylla's husband, is quick to deny that such a thing is possible. Even though he denied that such a thing could happen Yll went out on the hunt, while Ylla stayed behind
  • The Summer Night

    The Summer Night
    Martians were gathering to watch a woman sing. Unknown to the Martians, there is an expedition of humans on there way to Mars. But, this lady begins to sing in a different language that the Martians did not know. The lady was so confused she did not know what she was saying. Then the musicians were confused when strange music played from there instruments.
  • The Earth Men

    The Earth Men
    This story tells of the second expedition to Mars. The three men n this expedition were shocked t find that the Martians were alive and real. They ask the Martians questions and the Martians are rather annoyed by this. The men are a bit disappointed that there is no celebration for them. The story with a martian shooting the captain and himself because he thought these "Earth Men" were hallucinations.
  • The Taxpayer

    The Taxpayer
    A man insists that he has a right to be on the next rocket to mars due to the upcoming atomic war. He is arrested and able to see another rocket take off.
  • The Third Expedition

    The Third Expedition
    The third rocket lands on mars and the men come out to see that they didn't land on mars at all. Instead they seemed to travel back in time to 1956 Illinois. In fact, they did not travel back in time, but, they were on Mars and were halucinating these images in their heads.
  • And the Moon Be Still as Bright

    And the Moon Be Still as Bright
    A year after the third expedition, another one comes to Mars. They discover that Martians have died due to chicken pox. Spender gets upset when Biggs starts disrespecting the planet. Spender then proceeds to punch Biggs in the mouth. After this Spender disappears for a week. when he returns he kills Biggs and five other crew members, throws up and leaves again. This story end when Spender is given a clean, respectable death. death
  • The Settlers

    The Settlers
    After the first expeditions, more and more people wanted to go to Mars. Everyone had their own reason to go to Mars. Whether it be dissatisfaction with their lif or their jobs. Everyone wanted to come to Mars.
  • The Green Morning

    The Green Morning
    A man named Benjamin Driscoll passes out on Mars due to a low oxygen level. Instead of going back to Earth he decides to plant trees to create oxygen. The night after he plants the seeds it rained. This resulted in the trees fully growing overnight.
  • The Locusts

    The Locusts
    More people are taking the trip to Mars. The more peple come, the more Mars changes. 90 thousand humans came to Mars and there will be more to come.
  • The Night Meeting

    The Night Meeting
    On his way to a party Thomas has to stop for gas. Thomas meets a martian that explains that he is on his way to a festival. After they try to share a drink and they realize they can't tuch eachother. After they say that the other is a ghost but they bth insist that they are both real
  • The Shore

    The Shore
    In this chronicle we look at the waves of humans who came to Mars. It goes into detail saying that there are two waves of men, and both of them are from America.
  • The Fire Balloons

    The Fire Balloons
    A group of priests are sent to Mars to try to "save" the Martians from sin. They are unsure of the journey because it may change the way they view sin. We learn there are two types of Martians, blue spheres and those who are practically extinct. These blue spheres saved them from many near death experiences. The priests conclude that these spheres are the true representation of god.
  • The Naming of Names

    The Naming of Names
    This goes into how places in Mars got their name. It shows just how much humans have changed Mars.
  • Usher II

    Usher II
    A man, who is a wealthy book lover, builds a mansion with references to famous stries.The man kills a guest in his house. Then he proceeds t get out in a helicopter to reference the first "Fall of the House of Usher"
  • The Old Ones

    The Old Ones
    This describes how old the elderly people are that are coming to Mars.
  • The Martian

    The Martian
    This story begins when a couple is crying about there dead son. when they go outside they see a figure and it is there son. When they take him into town they later find out that their "son" was a martian with the ability to chage its face.
  • The Luggage Store

    The Luggage Store
    The owner of the luggage store heard the news on the radio that there was going to be a war on Earth. The owner can not believe that war will soon breakout on Earth. The owner of the luggage store believes that there will be an influx of people in his store soon, because soon everyone will want to go back to Earth to see their relatives that are still down there, as well as their hometowns.
  • The Off Season

    The Off Season
    This chronicle starts out with Sam Parkhill opening up his hotdog stand. Sam then kills a bunch of Martians and destroys some towns. Later that night Sam and his wife were looking at the Earth when it caught fire and part of it exploded. His wife said sarcastically that they better prepare, there will be more customers in a “million years.”
  • The Watchers

    The Watchers
    A nuclear explosion occured prematurely in Austrailia, which destroyed the continent. Bombings in London and LA were occuring and settlers should find shelter.
  • The Silent Towns

    The Silent Towns
    Walter, a hopeless romantic, dials a phone in an otherwise silent town, to try to put him in touch with a woman. He eventually finds one and the decide to meet. When he finds out she was a "larger" woman he leaves for his life of solitude.
  • The Long Years

    The Long Years
    Hathaways family died the first year that they were on Mars. Instead of moving on He builds himself an new family to keep him from feelin lonely. Captain Wilder comes back from his missions and realizes that his family looks exactly the same as they did 20 years ago. Then, Wilder finds out that they are nt his real family, but replicates. Hathaway dies and the other humans go back to Earth.
  • There Will Come Soft Rains

    There Will Come Soft Rains
    The whole huse is actts like a society. The house makes brakfast and would talk with a human throughut the day if a human were still alive in it. At the end of this chronicle the house is almst destroyed with only one wall left standing giving the date.
  • The Million Year Picnic

    The Million Year Picnic
    After the children are informed that they won't go back to Earth, Thomas burns everything that they had to do with Earth. He burns the map of Earth last. The children want to see a martian so their father takes them to a canal, points at their reflection, and says "there they are."