Martian chronicles1

The Martian Chronicles

By bhain
  • Rocket Summer

    Rocket Summer
    Arocket in Ohio blasts off on a winter day.
    Hotness ensues.
  • Ylla

    Ylla and Yll, an unhappily married Martian couple who used to be in love.
    Ylla starts to have some scandalous dreams about an Earth Man named Nathaniel York, who will hop on over to Earth, tell her she's pretty, and sweep her off her feet.
  • The summer Night

    The summer Night
    Martians all over the planet are acting pretty weird. In fact, they're singing songs and reciting poems from Earth—specifically, America of the 1940s.
  • The Earth Men

    The Earth Men
    Captain Jonathan Williams and his three-man crew arrive on Mars and just want someone to pat them on the back for being awesome space cowboys.
    All the Martians they meet seem unimpressed with their amazing trip.Since Martians are telepathic, they can make other people see their hallucinations. So, all those unimpressed Martians just thought the Earth Men were crazy, hallucinating Martians.
    Well, actually, they think Williams is hallucinating and that his three-man crew is part of his hallucinat
  • The Taxpayer

    The Taxpayer
    The Taxpayer is worried about impending nuclear war, and he thinks that paying taxes gives him the right to hop on the spaceship. Taxpayer thinks that, because he pays the taxes that presumably have built the spaceship, he should get to go to Mars, too.
    But, he's wrong. Instead, he gets to go to jail.
  • The third expedition

    The third expedition
    Captain John Black comes to Mars with his expedition of 16 men.His men abandon the ship because their dead loved ones show up to take them home. the dead relatives are really telepathic Martians who plan to kill them.
    The next day, the Martians hold a funeral for all the Earth Men, who tragically died. When the Martians killed them.
  • and the moon be still as bright

    and the moon be still as bright
    The Fourth Expedition lands on Mars. They discover that all the Martians have died out from chickenpox, so no one is going to get killed this time.Spender worries that humans will come to Mars and mess it up; they'll give dumb new names to places that already had wonderful old Martian names.
  • The settlers

    The settlers
    the first settlers on Mars are lonely, since they don't have Facebook or Google+ or Orkut or MySpace or, yikes, even Friendster.
  • The green morning

    The green morning
    Meet Benjamin Driscoll.
    He's having a hard time breathing, because the air on Mars is so thin for comfort.
    So, he plants some trees.
    Unfortunately it's so dry that the trees don't grow
    But one night, it rains. In the morning, the trees suddenly spring up, fully grown.
  • The Locusts

    The Locusts
    Just like swarms of locusts, people are arriving from Earth.
    All over Mars, they build houses like the ones left behind on Earth
  • Night meeting

    Night meeting
    Tomás Gomez meets a Martian named Muhe Ca. They can't touch each other, but they can talk and see each other.
    Amazingly, they seem to get along, which is probably a first for Earthling-Martian contact.
  • The shore

    The shore
    The second wave of settlers consists of people from the cities looking for more space.
  • Interm

    Humans remake a regular Earthlike town on Mars.
    Unfortunately, Ikea hasn't expanded to Mars yet, so the settlers have to make do without compressed particleboard and Allen wrenches.
  • The musicians

    The musicians
    Young boys on Mars go hiking They play with the dead bodies of Martians. They have to play while the playing's good, because the "Firemen" are coming to burn all the bodies.You know, don't want to have a bunch of disease-ridden corpses lying around.
  • way in the middle of the air

    way in the middle of the air
    Samuel Teece and some good old boys are sitting around the porch of Teece's hardware store, talking about how the black people of America are going to Mars.
  • Period: to

    The naming of names

  • usher 2

    usher 2
    the same people who banned fantasy on Earth have now come to Mars.Mr. Garrett, comes to investigate this house's, you know, moral climate. Apparently the Moral Climate isn't up to snuff, because Mr. Garrett wants the house torn down.Stendahl confesses that everyone who died was actually the real person, and the robot lookalikes were the ones watching.Stendahl destroys the House of Usher and flies away with Pikes to live happily ever after.
  • The old ones

    The old ones
    After Mars is made safe and boring, old people come to retire there.
  • The martian

    The martian
    Lafe and Anna LaFarge are an old married couple. The LaFarges are on Mars to forget their dead son Tom.
  • The off season

    The off season
    Sam Parkhill opens a hot dog stand.they're giving half of Mars to him, even though he just killed one of them. Unfortunately, Earth's nuclear war begins that very night.
  • The watchers

    The watchers
    Hearing the news of possible war, a lot of the colonists on Mars come out to watch the Earth at night.
    They see explosions all over the Earth.
    The survivors on Earth radio up to the people on Mars to come home.
  • The luggage store

    The luggage store
    Father Peregrine comes to talk to the luggage-store owner about the war that's coming on EarthThe luggage-store owner argues that people will return to Earth because that's still their home. He decides to keep his store open because he thinks people will soon be going back to Earth.
  • The silent towns

    The silent towns
    Walter Gripp is the last man on Mars. He was an isolated miner when the war happened, which is why he missed all the rockets going back to Earth.He hears a phone ringing. It's the last woman on Mars, Genevieve Selsor. he finds her, but she's not exactly his dream girl. Like, she eats a lot of chocolate and she only wants to watch the same movie over and over again. She pulls out a wedding dress, Gripp runs away and lives happily by himself.
  • The long years

    The long years
    Dr. Hathaway (from the Fourth Expedition) lives all alone on Mars—except for his beautiful family .They missed the rockets going home because they were off doing archeology in the day a rocket comes down to Mars , It's Captain Wilder.Williamson off to investigate the cemetery, where he discovers that the four tombstones are forn Alice, Marguerite, Susan, and John!Hathaway dies and is buried in the family cemetery. Wilder talks to Alice about how she's a very loving robot and how Hathaw
  • Thier will come soft rains

    Thier will come soft rains
    In Allendale, California (yep, we're back on Earth), an automated house goes on its automated way. Every hour is announced and the house does what's it's supposed to do.They're all dead, and the rest of the city is a heap of radioactive rubble. The family dog comes home and dies. The house cleans up the body.a strong wind breaks a window and starts a fire. The house tries to contain the fire, but it can't, and the fire triumphs.
  • The million year picnic

    The million year picnic
    Timothy and his family (mom, dad, and two younger brothers, Michael and Richard) are off on a vacation on Mars. It turns out that the family isn't here for a vacation—they're staying on Mars forever. Dad saved a rocket for just this occasion.There's another family that might be joining them, a family with four daughters.The dad, William, blows up the rocket and burns a bunch of Earth papers, then he goes to show the family where the Martians are. They are the martians.