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The Martian Timeline

  • The Ares 3 crew arrives at Mars

    The Ares 3 crew finally arrives at Mars successfully and safely. The Ares 3 crew takes about 8 months to arrive. The Ares 3 crew includes Commander Melissa Lewis, Major Rick Martinez, Alex Vogel, Doctor Chris Beck, Beth Johanssen, and Mark Watney.
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    5 Most Important Events

    1-The farm inside the Hab, I chose this event as #1 because food is really important and a high priority for survival especially for Mark being all alone doing his best to survive till rescue.
    2-The Hydrogen bomb, I’m choosing this as #2 because Mark needs water to feed and grow his plants and also for himself, without the water he would die of dehydration. Making water was a big risk but it was worth to his survival.
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    5 Most Important Events

    (wasn’t much space on the first so I had to add another time span)
    3-The rover, this would be #3 because without the rover Mark wouldn’t have traveled far distances like the Pathfinder and the Ares 4 site. He also used the rover for other many useful things like using it for power and extra storage.
    4-Mark discovers pathfinder, this is ranked #4 because communication with Earth all the way from Mars is important because there would be no other way to communicate with each other about survival.
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    5 Most Important Events

    5-Lasty the rescue, this is #5 because without Watney’s crew coming back for him, Mark’s survival wouldn’t last much longer since he lost the Hab, his farm, and most of his valuable tools to help live for as long as possible. It’s amazing Mark survived for over a year on Mars by himself.
  • A deadly sand storm appears

    On sol (the martian solar system) 18 of their 31 sol expedition, a huge dust storm threatens the crew to abort their mission. During the evacuation, astronaut Mark Watney gets knocked over by a pipe the sand storm forcefully pushed into. The crew thinks he’s dead, so they leave him on Mars to save themselves and the ship.
  • Mark wakes up

    Mark Watney awakens after the storm, and returns to the crew´s surface habitat (hab). He realizes he’s alone while the rest of the crew left him behind, leaving Mars in the process. Mark begins a video diary. He finds out that his only chance of rescue is via the next Mars mission, with was in four years.
  • Mark makes a farm inside the Hab

    As a botanist, he improvises a farm inside the Hab ultiizing Martian soil. He uses the human feces to fertilize the soil, and water that was left from the rocket. He plants the potatoes meant for thanksgiving for the whole crew. He’s able to produce food for a while and does so by continuing planting and producing more potatoes.
  • The rover

    Mark finds and begins to modify a rover in preparation to travel long distances and finding the rover is a high priority on Mars. The modifications Mark have done helped him efficiently to travel without any problems and used as minimum oxygen and power he uses in the rover so he doesn’t use much much power and saves as much power and oxygen at the same time which is really useful to survival on Mars.
  • Hydrogen bomb

    Watney faces his biggest problem, water. He takes a risky challenge that requires a oxygenator that creates oxygen from carbon dioxide then extract hydrogen from the crew’s unused hydrazine fuel. Once he has the tools and mixes the ingredients to make water, he successfully makes water but explodes in the process blowing him back slightly injuring him and destroying a few crops at the same time. Mark continues and dealt with many explosives.
  • NASA discovers Mark is alive

    NASA reviews images of the Hab area on Mars and realizes the surroundings of the Hab has moved around only leading to Mark’s survival from the storm and living in the Hab.
  • Mark discovers Pathfinder

    Mark soon discovers "pathfinder", a Mars probe from the `70s that he could to get in contact with NASA. Mark gets to the location and spends hours digging it up to bring it back to the Hab.
  • Ares 4 landing site

    NASA and Mark communicate through the old pathfinder about a plan of bringing him back home. He’ll have to travel about 3,200 kilometers to get to the Ares 4 landing site use the rocket to launch into space.
  • The rescue

    Lastly, what seems like the climax, Watney's crewmates decide to go back to Mars to rescue Watney, which is called the Pullner Maneuver. Watney prepares for the last part of his journey by preparing the Ares 4 MAV ship that’ll launch him up into space. He launches into space where his crew would be at to catch him and bring him onto Hermes the space station. Mark makes it to Hermes safe and back with his crew heading back home.