The Martian Chronicles

  • "Rocket Summer"

    "Rocket Summer"
    In "Rocket Summer" a crisp winter day in Ohio takes a sudden turn. Everyone is in their winter wear, reading for another cold day when the rockets blast off. These rockets are on their way to Mars. their departure so sudden and extravagant, the heat put off by them melts all the snow. These rockets signify the jurassic change from earth to Mars. The red clay billows and make the earth look similar to Mars
  • "Ylla"

    In this chapter, a Martian Woman named Mrs.K, or Ylla is awoken from a strange dream. In the dream, a strange ship lands on Mars, and a man, unlike she had ever seen, an alien, steps out. He is kind and peaceful. This dream confuses her, and when she tells her husband, Mr.K, he becomes very angry. One day she wants to go out to where the ship landed in her dream, but her husband quickly makes up the excuse that they have company coming over and she needed to stay, though the guest never comes.
  • "The Summer Night"

    "The Summer Night"
    In "The Summer Night", many Martians are gatherd at an ampitheatre to listen to a woman sing, but they are all frightened when she begins to sing, and she is singing a strange language. The singer herself has no idea why and what she is singing and why she cannot stop. Throughout the evening, children go around singing rhymes in a never before heard language, and women wake from nightmares warning them of something bad that is coming.
  • "The Earth Men"

    "The Earth Men"
    In this chapter, the second rocket sent from Earth, arrived on Mars carrying a crew of four men. They were so thrilled to have landed on mars and to find life there, but were very confused, by their not so warm welcome. Everyone they met dismissed what they were saying. The men were put in an insane asylum. When they tried to prove to the Martians that they were not insane, they were shot and killed. The martians believed the men were hallucinating and transferring them to others.
  • "The Taxpayer"

    "The Taxpayer"
    In "The Taxpayer", a man named Pritchard was extremely go to Mars. When the astronauts of the third mission were readying to leave for Mars he finds them and begs them to take him with them. He was good citizen he said, he paid his taxes, he felt he had the right to go to Mars. Pritchard was afraid of an atomic war he predicted would be happening soon. He is devastated when the third rocket to Mars takes off and he is still on Earth.
  • "The Third Expedition"

    "The Third Expedition"
    In this chapter, the third rocket is sent to Mars with the third crew of men. These men don't know what to think when they arrive and find a town that resembles an American town. Some believe it is too good to be true , and others are thrilled. They are reunited with long lost family members, but they soon find it is a trap when they are all killed. After the murder, the faces of the "relatives" change to reveal those of the martians.
  • "And the Moon Be Still as Bright

  • "The Settlers"

    "The Settlers"
    In "The Settlers" Bradbury begins to encapsulate why people are moving to Mars. He points out that every person had their own reason of moving to Mars. Some felt they were leaving behind a past that they wanted nothing to do with any more. Others were looking for adventure. He explains howthe humans still on Earth began to feel more and more like strangers on their own planet as it increasingly decreased.
  • "The Green Morning"

  • "The Locusts"

    "The Locusts"
    In "The Locusts" thousands of people are flocking to Mars. To make it feel more "homey", building are popping up everywhere and Mars is beginning to seem more and more like Earth. Mars is strange, and the settlers don't like that. the big question that this chapter asks is: will the humans moving to Mars, pose the same threat they did tio Earth. Will Mars eventually be destroyed by their ways too?
  • "Night Meeting"

  • "The Shore"

    "The Shore"
    In "The Shore" Bradbury describe the first men on Mars. The first group of men are worn tough and calloused. They are not surprised by much; they are prepared. the second group of men. The second men were more rowdy. They were more adventurous and excited about Mars. All of these men were from American because all of the rocket ships were American and the rest of the world was in war.
  • "Interim"

    In "Interim", Bradbury explains how the new life on earth seemed like it was a town plucked right off of Mars and placed on Earth. Life seemed to carry on just as it always did on Earth. Wood was transported to build Tenth City, and life for humans seemed to carry on on Mars as it did on Earth.
  • "The Musicians"

    "The Musicians"
    In “The Musicians” the young boy who live on Mars, make their game out of destroying the bones of Martians that had long been dead. Before the firemen came to destroy what was left of the martians killed by chickenpox, the boys would run into the old home, and kick up the black “leaves” that settled after many years. They drum on the bones of the dead martians, destroying the old martian towns.
  • "Way in the Middle of the Air"

    "Way in the Middle of the Air"
    In "Way in the Middle of the Air" all of the African American's leave their jobs, board rockets and fly to Mars.The time period to still be segregated with African Americans having few rights. The chapter mainly follows one Man whose white boss, Teece, calls Silly. Silly tells Teece he would no longer be working for him, but Teece is enraged and tries to keep Silly from leaving. Teece's Grandpa intercedes for Silly and says he will do Silly's work for him. Silly is able to go to Mars after all!
  • "The Naming of Names"

    "The Naming of Names"
    This chapter goes from 2004 to 2005. In the chapter, Bradbury talks about the naming of all the new towns on Mars. The old Martian towns, ruined, destroyed by the new settlers of Mars has names like Iron Town, and Aluminum City.The humans settling on Mars also named the cemeteries. The chapter talks of how after everything was built, orderly and neat, laws began to form and people began to take control and those who moved to Mars to escape the same fate of Earth began to push against this.
  • "Usher II"

    "Usher II"
    In "Usher II" a man by the name of Stendahl has a lifelike replica of Edgar Allen Poe's House of Usher built for himself on Mars. Back on Earth, Stendahl was a fantasy fanatic. When the government began to burn books that were found "dangerous" Stendahl was more than enraged. On Mars, Stendahl hosted a party for many of the elite scientists, political leaders and others who burned his books on Earth. In his House of Usher he kills the guest who never see it coming. Stendahl is cruel and insane.
  • "The Old Ones"

    "The Old Ones"
    In this Chapter, the Old People come to Mars. Bradburry describes the old people as the people who have lived their lives and have stories to tell. Bradburry kind of makes fun of them by calling them the dry apricot people. he also imply that these elderly had already lived their amazing lives, and now in their old age have nothing more interesting to do but he is wrong because they go to Mars.
  • "The Martian"

    "The Martian"
    In this chapter a martian disguised as Tom the long dead son of Mr. and Mrs. Lafarge appears at their doorstep. While they slept, he entered the house and brainwashed them into thinking he was actually their son. It turns out that the martian's face changes as each individual looks at him. The townspeople begin to chase and crowd around him. One famiy sees their daughter who died years before. A polic oficer thinks it is a criminal he once arrested. The martian is overwhelmed and dies.
  • "The Luggage Store"

    "The Luggage Store"
    A store owner who sells luggage is talking with a Man who goes by the name Father Peregrine. The men are on Mars, talking about Earth. They have heard news of a war that will be starting on Earth soon, but Father feels as though it’s not real. Father explains how because Earth is so far away, it is strange to believe something so horrible could be happening there. The owner begins to dust off the luggage in his store because he knows people will soon want to return to Earth is their home.
  • "The Off Season"

    "The Off Season"
    In this chapter, a man named Sam built the first hot dog stand on Mars.He was so excited as he was expecting a large rush of people coming to Mars from Earth. He was terrified though when a martian (who he thought had gone extinct) shows up at his stand with news. Sam was too afraid and killed the Martian. All the other martians then follow him as he tries to run from them. The Martians finally stop him and then give him a deed to over half of Mars. Later that night Earth is destroyed.
  • "The Watchers"

    "The Watchers"
    In this chapter, Bradburry depicts, very well, the phenomina of the destruction of Earth. After being on Mars for several years, Earth was such a foreign seeming place to many people. When they saw it begin to catch fire though, they began to worry about family members and friend back on Earth that they hadn't heard from in a while. Many tried to dismiss their worries but after recieving a message from Earth saying "COME HOME" they all hury back to Earth.
  • 'The Silent Towns"

    'The Silent Towns"
    In this chapter, Walter Gripp is the last Man on Earth. He is somehow left behind when everyone returns to Earth. He grows lonelier and lonlier and he longs for company. One day, he hears a phone ring. At first he thinks nothing of it, but then panicks to get to the phone realising hat had happened, but no one answers. He calls every phone on Mars until finally reaching a woman named Genevieve. He dreams of her being beautiful but is disapointed when he finds her and runs away from her.
  • "The Long Years"

    "The Long Years"
    A man named Hathaway, from the 4th expedition to Mars, is living there as he was left behind. He lives with his family, but is still alone. His family had died years ago. He built robots to look and act just like them so he wouldn’t be lonely. One day a ship lands on Mars with captain Wilder and his Crew from Jupiter. Wilder figures out that Hathaway’s family had died of a disease. While the crew and Hathaway were celebrating, Hathaway dies of old age and the crew leaves the robot family on Mars
  • "There Will Come Soft Rains"

    "There Will Come Soft Rains"
    In "There Will Come Soft Rains" a house, abandoned by it's owners is left behind to complete the daily chores it was planned to do even though no one is there. In the morning, the clock chimes to say "WAKE UP" and later, little robot cleaning mice come out to sweep the floors. Later the sprinklers water the lawn and the oven makes pancakes. The house recognizes a dog that once lived there and lets him in but the poor dog is old and dies. Later that night, the house catches on fires and burns,
  • "The Million Year Picnic"

    "The Million Year Picnic"
    In "The Million Year Picnic" a family secretly leaves Mars to live on Earth, escaping the destruction of Earth. For years, the parents planned to move to Mars, but they never told their children. The dad had kept a rocket for many years and then one day, they told their children that they would all be going to Mars on vacation. They found a city to live in though, and never left.