The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury

  • Rocket Summer

    Rocket Summer
    During Winter in Ohio, a rocket launches. The launch of the rocket created a huge amount of heat that it made a small summer in the middle of winter. It melted all the snow and icicles and the layers on people came off, too. The snow that was falling turned into hot rain. The rocket made the sky redden and capture all the people's attention.
  • Period: to

    The Martian Chronicles

    The time span of the novel, The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury.
  • Ylla

    A martian named Ylla lived with her husband, Yll. One day she started having "dreams" when she was actually having a vision, which consisted of her following in love with a weird looking man who was on Mars, whom was a human that was stepping on Mars for the first time. Her husband was very jealous of the way Ylla talked during her "dreams", so he takes the time and place Ylla says in her "dreams" and has Ylla wait for a guest that will never show while Yll takes a bee gun to kill the human.
  • The Summer Night

    The Summer Night
    A woman was singing in front of an audience of lovers, but the words that came out were in a different language. The band stopped playing and waited for the woman to resume, but the song before came out again. The audience was really confused and upset. Later that night, woman woke-up and told their mates/husbands that something bad was going to happen.
  • The Earth Men

    The Earth Men
    Three men come to Mars, where they are greeted as not as expected. They are sent from house to house due to no one believing them. Finally they are sent to Mr.Iii, who indirectly has them put into an insane asylum. They talk to Mr.Xxx the next morning and state their whole story. Mr.Xxx explains that the Captain is merely creating everything up with telepathy and the Captain shows Mr.Xxx the rocket. Mr.Xxx doesn't believe them and kills all of them and himself, because he thought they were crazy
  • The Taxpayer

    The Taxpayer
    A man, the taxpayer, wants to go to Mars to avoid the rumored atomic war. He goes to the next rocket launch, which is the third expedition, and goes up to the chain link fence and yelled at the uniformed men to let him go to Mars. The uniformed men laughed at the taxpayer. The taxpayer yelled at them about how they couldn't prove if the first two expeditions failed, so they told him to shut up. The taxpayer was then put into a police van.
  • The Third Expedition

    The Third Expedition
    A third rocket lands on Mars. Mars' landscape has changed from a desert to Green Bluff, Illinois. The men don't know why the town is earth-like and on Mars, but they think it was from the first expeditions. They learned that they didn't travel to Mars, but back in time to 1956 Illinois. Every crew member sees dead relatives that they loved, and they explain that they are in another dimension of Earth, "a second chance". Then everyone learns it's Martians tricking them, and then their killed.
  • The Settlers

    The Settlers
    More men come to Mars to settle, but to leave their bad lives behind. Some came to find something, or nothing at all. America publicized everything about Mars: "There's Work For You IN The Sky: SEE MARS!"(99). Only few men came forward, then more, and then more. A disease called the Lonliness erupted among the astronauts when they saw their home town dwindle down to the size of a pea to nothing. The first lonely ones had to stand by themselves while others found comfort in numbers.
  • -And The Moon Be Still As Bright

    -And The Moon Be Still As Bright
    A fourth rocket lands on Mars. Everyone learns that ancient Martian cities have been dead for years, but the newer cities died of Chicken Pox. Biggs is disrespectful to Mars, so Spender knocks him into a canal leading Spender to leave the group when they go into a dead Martian city. Spender meets a Martian and learns their language. Spender comes back and kills some of his crew members, including Biggs, but convinces the Captain somewhat follows Spenders footsteps after Spender is killed.
  • The Green Morning

    The Green Morning
    Benjamin Driscoll, a settler on Mars, hallucinates from the lack of ozygen that Mars is covered in trees from his doing. After he passes out, he wakes up and is told by doctors that he is enduring oxygen deprivation. He realizes that he hallucinated, so that he could be the Johnny Appleseed of Mars. He is granted permission to do so and grows lots of trees, which magically grow overnight after a storm. After taking a deep breath of oxygen, he faints from the huge influx of oxygen.
  • The Locusts

    The Locusts
    More and more rockets came to Mars. The rockets swarmed Mars and lit everything afire. Men came from the rockets ready to work and do the job they were assigned.
  • Night Meeting

    Night Meeting
    Tomas Gomez is on a road trip on Mars. Tomas ends at an overlook to look down at a dead Martian town, but then notices a martian coming towards him, and both think the other is a ghost. Muhe Ca, the martian, tells Tomas that he is going to a festival in the dead town, but that town is thriving according to Muhe Ca. Tomas tells Muhe Ca that the town is dead like all the Martians and that humans are now on Earth. Muhe Ca denies the human intrusion, and they want to see what the other can see.
  • The Shore

    The Shore
    The chronicle is a metaphor that compares the humans coming to Mars in waves like waves coming to the shore. Mars is a shore that has men from Earth coming in waves, and the waves eahc get progressively stronger and different. Then women started coming in waves like when men first came to America and the women and children second. All of the waves were full of Americans and no foriegn people. America was reigning over Mars.
  • Fire Balloons

    Fire Balloons
    The Episcopal Fathers are heading to Mars for a mission under God. Father Peregrine and Father Stone arrive in Mars and are greeted with a desicion to see the Blue Balloons or go to the First City. They go to see the Blue Balloons on the mountain where they're spotted. Father Peregrine tries to engage with them and learns that they save you from dying. Thinking they're Christ they build a church for them, but they come to tell the Fathers that they're the Old Ones and they live in God's grace.
  • Interim

    Life on Mars is now exactly like it is on Earth. Everyone can go through the daily routines of life. Go to church, go to your job, and do whatever you want in your free time. They have type writers, pens, pencils, churches, all kinds of trees, a job, houses, etc. It's like a town from Iowa was picked up and dropped onto Mars without anyone knowing.
  • The Musicians

    The Musicians
    A group of boys like to go up to Martian towns and play make believe. They hiked up to the towns during all seasons. They hike to the towns even though they are threatened to have a beating if they come back with black flakelets on their shoes. They go and play the game 'Musicians', which they play with the bones of the dead Martians using them as drums and xylophones. Sometimes they acted like Firemen and cleaned the houses of the horrors they hold. At the end of the year, they lost interest.
  • The Wilderness

    The Wilderness
    Janice and Lenora are preparing to go to Mars. Janice is preparing the most for the dark and blackness of space that haunts her from two traumatic memories. Janice is going to Mars to marry her love, Will, whom is on Mars. Janice has cold feet about going to Mars, but she stays up waiting until Midnight to talk to Will. Before midnight, they buy perfume and such to go to Mars and return to answer the phone. Janice tells Will that she is going on the journey to Mars.
  • Period: to

    The Naming of Names

    Humans have domesticated Earth. They named Martian Towns, mountains, hills, canals, etc. after people, appearances of the landmarks, and what the town produces (ex. Iron Town, Corn Town, Grain Villa). The Martains had them named after water and air and hills, but only to be changed by the civilization of humans.
  • Usher II

    Usher II
    Mr. Stendahl paid Mr. Bigelow to build a replica of the House of Usher in Edgar Allen Poe's literature. Mr. Stendahl is first greeted by Garret, Investigator of Moral Climates, whom was the organization that burned every book like Rapunzel and Edgar Allen Poe and then Stendahl's library on Earth. Stendahl invites people of Moral Climates , whom all get killed exactly like the victims in Poe's literature, over for a party. The chronicle ends with it crumbling like the first House of Usher.
  • The Old Ones

    The Old Ones
    The last people to come to Mars are the elderly. They follow the men and women that came to Mars. They finally come to Mars.
  • The Martian

    The Martian
    Mr.LaFarge and his wife lost their son, Tom, to pneumonia. Tom is 'resurrected' and stands outside the house of the LaFarge's on Mars. The next morning, he's inside and his wife accepts that the Martian's Tom while LaFarge is skeptical. They decide to go to town, where Tom runs away from them. Mr.LaFarge looks for him and finds that he's a dead girl, he takes Tom back to the boat, but only to be pursued by other people who think Tom's someone else. He changes to the people that died and melts.
  • The Off Season

    The Off Season
    Sam Parkhill made a hot dog stand on Mars. Him and his wife, Elma, are expecting one hundred thousand people from China and Mexico. Sam is greeted by a Martian that survived the disese. The Martian is tryies to tell Sam something, is killed by Sam. A dozen of sand ships full of Martians heads to his shop. Sam & his wife escape on their sandship only to have one board it. Sam pleads for his life, but the leader tells Sam that half of Mars is Sam's. It ends with Earth on fire.
  • The Luggage Store

    The Luggage Store
    The proprietor owns a luggage store. The proprietor learns that there will be a war on Earth by the radio. He doesn't believe it at first, but Father Peregrine explains to him that he is not on Earth. If he was, then he would believe it. He compares the disbelief to his own personal experience about a war in Asia, but he didn't believe there was a war because he was not there. They believe that everyone will go back to Earth due to sentimental value.
  • The Watchers

    The Watchers
    Everyone on Mars watched the sky expectantly for the newcomers, but they watched Earth catch fire. It took three hours for the fire on Earth to be extinguished. Everyone turned and looked at one another with worried faces and waited for a message from Earth that said: COME HOME. WAR. COME HOME. By the time the sun came up, the luggage in the propietor's store was sold out. Everyone was headed to Earth.
  • The Silent Towns

    The Silent Towns
    Walter Gripp was always searching for a wife. He comes to town every two weeks, so the last time he came from his mine was the time he learned everyone on Mars was gone. He spent the rest of the time taking advantage of all the luxuries of the town. One day, he hears a phone ringing. He finds the phone and learns someone else is on Mars and it's a woman. He imagines her to be the woman he's always thought of. He finds that she is the complete opposite and psychotic. He runs away from her.
  • The Long Years

    The Long Years
    Mr.Hathaway and his prototype family are some of the last people on Mars. One night, Hathaway sees a rocket coming to Mars, so he then burns the city of New New York for signal to the rocket to land near him. The rocket is filled with Captain Wilder and his crew. Hathaway's old age causes him to die, but before that the crew notices that Hathaway's family is prototypes. After he dies, his wife explains to Wilder how she came about. She then plans to bury Hathaway next to his family.
  • There Will Come Soft Rains

    There Will Come Soft Rains
    The one house left standing in New New York is a smart house. It tells the hour, and has the family that left routine's. It makes breakfast, cleans the house, opens the door for the dying family dog, cleaned up the remains of the dead dog, lit a cigar for the man of the house, filled up the bathtubs, played a poem before bed, etc. At ten, a tree crashed through the house causing a malfunction in the house and a fire. The fire destroyed the house after it tried to save itself with the voice left.
  • The Million-Year Picnic

    The Million-Year Picnic
    A family comes to Mars on a rocket after they escaped the war-torn death-ridden Earth. They get away from their rocket in a boat in a canal on Mars before it blows up. The family is the parents and their three boys and they pick a town for themselves. When they find one, and they wait for another family with four daughters. They come and will be their wives evetually. The father shows his sons that both families are the Martians now.