The Martian chronicles

  • Rocket summer

    a rocket is launched out of Ohio when it takes off it produces so much heat that all of the snow melts
  • Ylla

    A Martian woman dreams about a man coming to Mars from earth and her husband becomes jealous
  • The summer night

    One night the Martians start to hum earth songs they do not know and dream of people coming from earth
  • The earth men

    Men come from earth a Martian psychologist is convinced they are hallucinations and kills the men
  • The tax payer

    A man runs to the launch pad for an expedition of Mars and tries to get on saying he is a tax paying citizen he is then arrested
  • The third expedition

    The men are tricked by Martians and think they are there dead family the Martians kill the men
  • -and the moon be still as bright

    When the expedition lands in Mars they find that most of the Martians have died of chicken pox spender kills 5 men over a dispute about the Martians
  • The settlers

    Settlers come to Mars for the promise of work one man makes it his mission for there to be more oxygen on Mars
  • The green morning

    Benjamin Driscoll plants trees and one day Mars turns green with plants
  • The locusts

    lots of people come to Mars and towns start to sprout up
  • Night meeting

    Two men talk about the differences between Mars and earth and meet a Martian
  • The shore

    The first wave of settlers hit Mars
  • The interim

    A wave of settlers come to Mars it is difficult to build the fist few houses
  • The musicians

    Children find a new way of entertaining them selfs by playing in the destroyed Martian towns
  • Way in the middle of the air

    The black people in America come together to immigrate to Mars and build there own rockets
  • The naming of names

    Things on Mars are named with less descriptive names
  • Usher ii

    A man recreates the house of usher from a poem by Edgar Allan Poe and has a robot murder the man to condem the house
  • The old ones

    Mars is flooded with retirees and a couple sees there dead son
  • The Martian

    After Mars if flooded with retirees people beginnin to see dead relatives in a Martian and chase after it the Martian eventually collapses dead
  • The luggage store

    A priest and luggage salesmen hear about the atomic war on earth and how he will soon be sold out of luggage
  • The off season

    A man opens a hot dog stand then is startled by a Martian and shoots it
  • The watchers

    People in Mars watch as the earth goes up in flames from the atomic war
  • The silent towns

    Almost everyone evacuates Mars but a man stays behind he finds a woman on Mars he believes is the only other person there but is disgusted by her
  • The long years

    A man living on Mars is found by his old captain who discovers he built a robot family to replace his dead family
  • There will come soft rains

    An robot house continues to make breakfast and clean while its owners have been dead for years from an atomic bomb
  • The million year picnic

    A man comes to Mars with his family and destroys there rocket to live on Mars they live in an old city