Bradbury martian 2

The Martian Chronicles Timeline

  • Rocket Summer

    A rocket lands in a town in Ohio during the winter. When it lands it gives off so much heat that the ice and snow melt away creating a summer like atmosphere for the town leading to them calling it, "rocket summer".
  • Ylla

    Ylla starts to have dreams about men coming to mars from Earth in a rocket ship. When she tells her husband he gets really upset with her and tries to get her to shrug it off as nothing. Ylla then comes to the realization that her dreams are real. Her husband however, tells her that the doctor is coming to see her and that she needs to stay home while he goes out hunting. He ends up killing the men that land on Mars and then returns pretends as if nothing has happened.
  • The Summer Night

    Everyone on Mars is enjoying themselves and having a good time singing together. Then all of a sudden people started singing strange songs in a language no one knew. Then the musicians were hit with the same feeling and started to play music they have never heard either. Martians believed that this was a life changing event.
  • The Earth Men

    The second manned expedition to Mars landed. These Martians were not that impressed to have them visiting their house. When they announced where the astronauts had come from they sent them to Mr. Iii's. Mr. Iii tricks them into signing a paper that's a contract for a psychiatric hospital. Mr. Xxx, a doctor there, then gets them to show Mr. Xxx their rocket ship and after killing them for being "crazy" he kills himself because he believes they had infected him in some way.
  • The Taxpayer

    A man on Earth is trying to do everything he can to get on the next expedition to Mars. He says that there is going to be nuclear war on Earth and that he has to go to Mars. As the guards all laugh at them he breaks through the fence but the police catch him and take him away.
  • The Third Expedition

    The men land on Mars to find a town just like one that they could find on Earth. They even find dead relatives there that they lost so long ago. They get confused by this but end up so overjoyed that they all spend the next evening with them. The dead relatives turn out to be Martians playing mind tricks with the Earth men. That night they end up killing all of the astronauts. The next morning they hold a Earth-like funeral for them and some of the Martians even start to cry.
  • And The Moon Be Still As Bright

    The newest expedition lands on Mars and one of them searches the towns for life but finds them abandoned. One of the mean, Spender, believes that they are going to end up ruining this planet too. Then they go exploring the towns and that night Spender goes missing. In order to protect Mars and its memory Spender tries to kill all of the other men. Captain Wilder eventually kills him and they put him in a Martian tomb.
  • The Settlers

    Earth has many problems and it shows why so many people are finding refuge are Mars. The government are sponsoring these trips to Mars and how people can find work there. Plus volunteers are also traveling to Mars in hopes to find a better life.
  • The Green Morning

    Benjamin Driscoll has a hard time breathing in Mars' atmosphere because of the air being so thin. He starts to miss the greenness of Earth and comes up with a plan to have seeds transported from Earth to Mars. When the seeds arrive he plants thousands of trees covering Mars and making the air more breathable.
  • The Locusts

    Mars is undergoing major changes and it is starting to become more like Earth. The rockets are coming over more often and changing the areas where they land to what humans want them to be. Tens of thousands of people have come to Mars by now.
  • Night Meeting

    Tomas and Pop talk for awhile until he heads off down the road. He pulls into a Martian town where he meets a Martian. The can't understand each other at first because they are speaking two different languages. Then using telepathy the Martian can understand Tomas. They realize they are from different time periods. They leave in confusion not fully understanding what had happened.
  • The Shore

    Mars was originally colonized by Americans and other countries didn't send anyone to Mars. Earth is completely filled with war at this point. The next people to come to Mars are coming for religious reasons.
  • The Fire Balloons

    Two priests travel to Mars after wondering whether or not they should. They headed for the mountains so that they could find these fiery blue orbs there. Once there, there was and avalanche and they were saved by the orbs. They started to make an alter for them and everything but the Martian orbs said that they were without sin and didn't need their help. The two priests thought that they were a representation of God.
  • Interim

    They have started shipping in lumber from Earth to start creating cities on Mars. Mars is starting to slowly transform into a lookalike of Earth.
  • The Musicians

    These children go to a dead Martian town where they use their bones as integuments. They kick around their remains too. Eventually these "Firemen" show up to dispose of the remains so that it no longer looks as if any Martians existed.
  • The Wilderness

    Two girls are packing for their trip to Mars. That night one of them has nightmares of her falling to her death. She says that she doesn't want to go but then is reminded of her boyfriend on Mars. He is waiting for her and has built a house for the two of them so she decides to go.
  • The Naming of Names

    When colonizing Mars the new towns are being named after past characters and astronauts. There are some named after special events like expeditions.
  • Usher II

    A man recreates the house from "The Fall of The House of Usher". He explains the house to people but they don't understand being of the burning of books in 1970. Government officials from Earth come to take it down but the man ends up killing them in ways people have died from other books. He flees the house as it sinks into the ground.
  • The Old Ones

    Now the elderly people are finally traveling to Mars. They get there safely and live out the rest of their lives on Mars.
  • The Martian

    An older couple go to bed one night when the man hears whistling outside his house. They see his son outside and the wife screams at him to go away because their son has been dead for years. However, the father convinces him to stay and in the morning the family pretends like nothing strange is going on. They go into town the next day and loses him. When the man finds him he sees that the Martian pretending to be his son is now a girl and takes him away. The Martian dies rapidly transforming.
  • The Luggage Store

    Father Peregrine talk about how far away Earth is and how they can't believe a war is going to happen. They also talk about whether or not people are going to go back. The Father says that they probably will because Earth is still home.
  • The Watchers

    After supper everyone goes outside to watch the explosions on Earth as the war continues. People are very worried about their loved ones still there. So all through the night people buy luggage bags to go back to Earth and help.
  • The Off Season

    Parkhill and his wife open a hot dog stand on Mars. A Martian comes along and Sam proceeds to kill it. Other Martians come by explaining that they just want him to have the deed to a lot of Mars' surface area. That night Parkhill and his wife stand outside and watch as Australia blows up due to the war.
  • The Silent Towns

    Everyone has gone back to Earth with very few people remaining on Mars. One man, Walter Gripp, hears a phone ringing one day. He looks everywhere but can't find it. The next time it rings he picks up to hear Genevieve Stelsor on the other end. He wants to meet but when he does it turns out he doesn't like her. But she likes him and so much so that she want to marry him. He ends up running away to get away from her.
  • The Long Years

    Hathaway is older and is living on Mars with his family. He goes down to these graves where his actual family is buried because they died a long time ago. He later made robotic replicas who are now acting as his family. Captain Wilder shows up promising to take Hathaway and his family back to Earth. He finds out that the family are made up of robots but doesn't care. Hathaway dies because he is so overjoyed. The family can't feel loss so they don't cry at his death. Wilder then leaves Mars.
  • There Will Come Soft Rains

    All that is left on Mars are the robot servants that the people created. They still continue to try and serve their creators even though they are all gone. A dog comes along and tries to get food but the robots ignore it and keep trying to serve their creators. The dog eventually dies. The house that the robots are in catches fire and they too die because that can't do anything but continue to serve.
  • The Million Year Picnic

    This family travels to Mars. The children believe they are on vacation but in reality they are leaving Earth because it is in ruins. When they get to Mars they blow up their rocket ship and makes sure no one has followed them. They then wait for another family to come. The pass a body of water and in the reflection of the water they see Martians.