Maniac magee1

Maniac Magee Time Line

By MarinaM
  • Maniac's parents died

    Maniac Maniac's parent's died
    In a P&W trolley ride
    Aunt and Uncle Dot and Dan
    Hated each other and made their house divide
  • Period: to

    Maniac lives with his Aunt and Uncle

  • Maniac runs away from Aunt and Uncle

    Maniac Maniac lived in dispair
    'Till he decided to run away from there
  • Start of the Lost Year

    One year's lost in outerspace
    What happened to Maniac?
    Maniac left no trace.
  • Maniac meets Mars Bar (West)

  • Maniac appears in Two Mills

    Of all the places Maniac could've chose
    Why in Two Mills did he arose?
    West is White
    East is Black
    Maniac crossed it
    He comes and goes
  • Maniac meets Amanda Beale (East)

    Maniac got a book to read
    From Amanda Beale who was worried
    To see a white kid on East side
    He'd give it back
    They had agreed
  • Maniac plays football with James Down (East)

    Maniac Maniac cought the ball
    He threw it back and awed them all
    John "Hands" Down
    Thought he was cool
    'Cuz he used just one hand all along
  • Maniac saves Arnold Jones from Finsterwald's backyard (West)

    Maniac Maniac
    Cool times ten
    Saved a boy from Finsterwald's fence
    Stretch and read on forbidden steps
  • Maniac sneaks on for dinner at Pickwell's (West)

    Maniac Maniac snuck in good
    Blended in Pickwell's for free food
    Nobody noticed 'cuz of such a big crowd
    But hacinv dinner with a legend should make them proud
  • Maniac beats John McNab (East)

    Maniac Maniac come up to bat
    Make a home run just like that
    John McNab's fastball pitches
    Make his fastfrog fall down flat
  • Maniac meets Mars bar

    Mars Bar asks Maniac to take a bite from his chocolate bar. Maniac did, which left Mars shocked.
  • Mars Bar tears a page from Maniac's book (West)

  • Amanda invites Maniac to live with her (East)

    After finding out Mars tore a page out of the book Maniac borrowed, she invites him to her home to fix it. The family finds out that Maniac doesn't live anywhere, so he gets to live with them.
  • The Beales find out Maniac is allergic to pizza

    Finding out that Maniac was allergic to pizza made people dislike Maniac for being different.
  • The Block Party (East)

    It was a hot day and black people had a block party with water to cool off. A man told Maniac to "go home" because he was white and he didn't fit in.
  • Maniac reads "GO HOME FISHBELLY" on the Beale's house

    After reading it, Maniac felt like he had to go because he was causing trouble for the Beales. He left for a night, but he comes back.
  • Amanda talks Maniac into untying the Cobble's Knot

    The Cobble's knot was almost impossible to untie, so anyone who did would get a free large pizza every week for a year. Amanda thought that if Maniac manages to untie it, he would be popular in the East side.
    After a whole day, Maniac unties the knot and gets the certificate. They had a party, but the confetti was made of Amanda's favorite encyclopedia.
  • Maniac runs away from the Beales

    He didn't want to cause anymore trouble.
  • Maniac is adopted by Grayson

    Earl Grayson finds Maniac in the zoo andlets Maniac live in the Band Shell.
  • Period: to

    Time with Grayson

    Maniac learnss that Grayson was an illiterate Minor League player. Maniac teaches Grayson to read while Grayson teaches Maniac baseball skills.
    For Christmas, Grayson gives Maniac a baseball mitt and a brand new baseball Maniac gave him a book about Grayson.
    5 days later, Grayson dies. Nobody was at his funeral, so Maniac runs away again,
  • Maniac finds Piper and Rusell at Valley Forge

    Maniac stayed at Valley Forge to die, but before he does, two eight year old boys meet him. He finds out that the two were McNab's brothers.
  • Period: to

    Maniac lives with the McNabs

    Maniac lives in a very messed up, dirty house of the McNabs. They drank and smoked. Maniac finds out that John and their dad are making a pill box for when the black people are going to revolt. He decides that he needed to be the boss of Piper and Rusell before the two will turn racist like their dad. Piper and Rusell made Maniac angry so Maniac got kicked out.
    A few days later, Maniac was invited to a party.
  • Maniac invites Mars Bar to go to the East

    He takes Mars Bar to the Pickwells first to show him how good white people are. The party didn;t turn out so well. Maniac thought that he could change the McNab's opinions about blacks, but it didn't.
    Maniac leaves the McNabs
  • Maniac jogs with Mars

    For a few days, Maniac and Mars jog every morning simultaneously.
  • Russel gets stuck on the trestle

    Piper calls Maniac (with Mars Bar) and begs him to save Rusell on the trestle. Maniac couldn't because that was where his parents died. He walked away, leaving Mars to save Rusell. Mars had to take the boys home to his mom to make the boys let go of him.
  • Amanda tells Maniac to go home

    After Mars Bar finding him at the zoo with the buffalos, he tells Amanda to bring him back to the Beales.