The Martian Chronicles

  • TSET

  • Rocket Summer

    1. We start things off with a short inter chapter
    2. A rocket in Ohio blasts in winter
    3. Hotness ensures
  • YLLA

    1. Ylla and Yll, an unhappily married Martian couple who used to be in love
    2. Ylla starts to have some scandalous dreams about an Earth Man named Nathaniel York, who will hop on over to Earth, tell her she's pretty, and sweep her off her feet.
    3. Yll heads off with his gun, telling Ylla he's going hunting, and he is hunting Earth Men.
  • The Summer Night

    1. we're on Mars
    2. Martians all over the planet are acting pretty weird. In fact, they're singing songs and reciting poems from Earth
  • Earth Men

    1. Captain Jonathan Williams and his three-man crew arrive on Mars
    2. these Martians are crazy
    3. Except that it turns out Xxx can still see the dead men and the rocket. He thinks he's gone crazy, too
  • The Taxpayer

    1. Earth Man, Pritchard, who we know as the Taxpayer. The Taxpayer is worried about impending nuclear war, and he thinks that paying taxes gives him the right to hop on the spaceship
    2. because he pays the taxes that presumably have built the spaceship, he should get to go to Mars, too
  • The Third Expedition

    1. Captain John Black comes to Mars with his expedition of 16 men
    2. they find David Lustig's dead grandparents, who tell him that they showed up on Mars after they died
    3. the Martians hold a funeral for all the Earth Men, who tragically died. When the Martians killed them
  • The Moon be Still as Bright

    1. The Fourth Expedition lands on Mars. They discover that all the Martians have died out from chickenpox, so no one is going to get killed this time
    2. Jeff Spender he's murdering people, starting with the drunkard Biggs. You see, he's trying to save Mars from the Earth Men
    3. The next day Parkhill destroys some Martian stuff for fun and Wilder knocks his teeth out
  • The Settlers

    1. Short chapter
    2. Just like the original pioneers who settled the American West, the first settlers on Mars are lonely
  • The Green Morning

    1. Meet Benjamin Driscoll
    2. He's having a hard time breathing, because the air on Mars is so thin for comfort
    3. But one night, it rains. In the morning, the trees suddenly spring up, fully grown
  • The Locusts

    1. Just like swarms of locusts, people are arriving from Earth
    2. All over Mars, they build houses like the ones left behind on Earth
  • Night Meeting

    1. Tomás Gomez first, he meets an old man who likes how strange and different Mars is. The old man tells Tomás that time is crazy on Mars
    2. Gomez talks about how great his time is, and Muhe Ca talks about how great his is. It's like a compare and contrast essay, without the grade at the end
  • The Shore

    1. The first men on Mars are settlers strong enough to tame a wild frontier, and never mind those Indians who were there before
    2. But mostly, this second wave of settlers consists of people from the cities looking for more space. Some of them are "on their way to God"
  • Interim

    1. Humans remake a regular Earthlike town on Mars
    2. Ikea hasn't expanded to Mars yet, so the settlers have to make do without compressed particleboard and Allen wrenches
  • The Musicians

    1. Young boys on Mars go hiking
    2. hey play with the dead bodies of Martians
  • The middle of the Air

    1. Samuel Teece and some good old boys are sitting around the porch of Teece's hardware store, talking about how the black people of America are going to Mars
    2. Silly drives off, getting the last word in as he asks Teece what he's going to do at night now
    3. Teece does manage to pat himself on the back that at least Silly still calls him "Mister."
  • Usher II

    1. Fat cat William Stendahl has paid a huge sum of money to build a haunted house on Mars, basing the design on Edgar Allan Poe's short stories, especially "The Fall of the House of Usher."
    2. Mr. Garrett wants the house torn down
    3. But before Garrett can do anything, one of Stendahl's robot apes kills him
    4. Stendahl confesses that everyone who died was actually the real person, and the robot lookalikes were the ones watching
  • The Naming of Names

    1. Spender was right "And the Moon Be Still as Bright" that the Earth Men would rename Mars.
    2. Since Mars is safe now, a whole new set of people are on their way
  • The Old Ones

    1. After Mars is made safe and boring, old people come to retire there
    2. short interchapter
  • The Martian

    1. Lafe and Anna LaFarge are an old married couple. We know they're old because this story follows the interchapter entitled "The Old Ones."
    2. Tom shows up, the same 14-year-old he was when he died of pneumonia
    3. Tom gets close to the Spaulding family, he looks like their lost daughter Lavinia and forgets all about being Tom
    4. Lafe goes to steal back Tom, but Tom runs through town and soon everyone sees him as who they want him to be the lost husband, the lost child, the lost criminal.
  • The Luggage Store

    1. The luggage-store owner argues that people will return to Earth because that's still their home. He decides to keep his store open because he thinks people will soon be going back to Earth
  • The Wathcers

    1. Hearing the news of possible war, a lot of the colonists on Mars come out to watch the Earth at night
    2. They see explosions all over the Earth
    3. The survivors on Earth radio up to the people on Mars to come home
  • The Silent Towns

    1. Walter Gripp is the last man on Mars
    2. last woman on Mars, Genevieve Selsor
    3. Gripp dreams about how nice it will be to have a beautiful woman around and goes off to find her
    4. So when Genevieve brings out a wedding dress, Gripp runs away and lives happily by himself
  • The Long Years

    1. Dr. Hathaway lives all alone on Mars, except for his beautiful family (wife Alice, daughters Marguerite and Susan, son John)
    2. Wilder got sent to explore Jupiter so he wouldn't interfere with the colonization of Mars
    3. Wilder talks to Alice about how she's a very loving robot and how Hathaway survived all these years by pretending that he wasn't alone
  • There will Come Soft Rains

    1. In Allendale, California (yep, we're back on Earth), an automated house goes on its automated way
    2. It makes breakfast in the morning for the family and lights a cigar for the husband at night
    3. Everyone is dead, and the rest of the city is a heap of radioactive rubble
    4. The house reads Sara Teasdale's poem "There Will Come Soft Rains." Written after World War I, the poem is about how nature will outlive humans
  • The Million-Year Picnic

    1. Timothy and his family (mom, dad, and two younger brothers, Michael and Richard) are off on a vacation on Mars
    2. The family isn't here for a vacation they're staying on Mars forever
    3. There's another family that might be joining them, a family with four daughters
    4. He brings them to a canal where they can see their reflection
    5. They are the Marian