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The Martian Chronicles

  • Rocket Summer

    Rocket Summer
    The rocket descends on a small town in Ohio during winter, bringing summer in its heat.
  • Ylla

    Ylla is a martian women who has been catching brain waves and having "dreams" about a human who is about to land on Mars with her telepathy. Her husband gets jealous and goes out and shoots the astronaut killing him.
  • The Summer Night

    The Summer Night
    All over mars the people who lived there started to hum strange toons and have strange dreams. The streets became deserted as people became fearful.
  • The Earth Men

    The Earth Men
    Astronauts landed on mars and went door to door to tell the martians they were from Earth but no one believed them and thought they were crazy. Mrs.lii, a martian woman, let them in and showed them to a room filled with martians who welcomed them. They then realize they are in an insane asylum for martians. Mr. Xxx believes they are secondary hallucination so he shoots them. They don't disappear so then he thinks he's insane and he shoots the rest of the crew and himself.
  • The Taxpayer

    The Taxpayer
    Pritchard is a citizen, who wants to escape the potential atom war on earth. He begs to go to Mars because he figures it is a nice place, since Captain York and Captain Williams have not returned.
  • The Third Expedition

    The Third Expedition
    In the third expedition to Mars, 17 new astronauts set out to Mars, one dies on the way there. Eventually the men land and find an old town that Captain John Black remembers as Green Bluff, Illinois. Eventually the 16 crew members meet their “dead” relatives in the town and they decide to stay the night. In his childhood home Capt. Black comes up with a theory that the Martians are using the memories of the men to trick them and kill them. They all die and the martians hold an Earth funeral.
  • And The Moon Be Still As Bright

    And The Moon Be Still As Bright
    A year after the “Third Expedition” a fourth expedition lands on Mars. There is no sign of life on Mars because Dr. Hathaway believes chicken pox was passed to the martians from a previous expedition. After partying and a fight, the crew sobers up and goes out to observe the town. Spender, an archaeologist who has respect for the alien life deserts the crew and goes on his own search. When he returns he says that he is a martian and tries to convince Cheroke (another crew member).
  • The Settlers

    The Settlers
    More and more Earth men are going to Mars for a multitude of reasons. The government was supporting those who wanted to go to Mars. People were getting a disease called The Loneliness, when they would see their hometown completely change and become a foreign land to them. The United States misted away and Earth became abandoned.
  • The Green Morning

    The Green Morning
    Benjamin Driscoll is a man living on Mars. The air is too thin on Mars and people, like Benjamin, are being told to go back to Earth. He plants trees and grass to support the air on Mars.
  • The Locusts

    The Locusts
    Rockets full of men and women are arriving on Mars and building homes. In six months, a dozen small towns had been built. 90,000 humans were living on Mars and more were coming.
  • Night Meeting

    Night Meeting
    This chronicle follows Tomás Gomez as he is travelling to a party for the night. Along the way he stops and stands to view his surroundings. As he is there he runs into an unsuspected visitor, a Martian names Muhe Ca. They realize that neither one can touch each other or their items and they are the planet differently. They are also able to look through each other. They conclude that they are not from the same time.
  • The Shore

    The Shore
    This chronicle explains who the first people were on Mars, which were Americans. Then it tells about the second group, again being Americans and how others could have followed but were consumed in war.
  • The Fire Balloons

    The Fire Balloons
    This chronicle is about a priest on Mars who wants to convert some of the native population to his religion. They find a race of blue globe like creatures that save father Peregrine. So naturally he form a religion around them.
  • Interim

    Humans remake a regular Earthlike town on Mars. The settlers have to make do without compressed particle board and Allen wrenches.
  • The Musicians

    The Musicians
    The young boys of Earth have found a new game on Mars. Hiking to the newest of the deserted Martian towns, the boys dare one another along the way, taunting one another as children often do. Reaching the town, filled with the burnt and blackened bodies of the now deceased Martians killed by chicken pox, the boys run into the homes and destroy the bodies. They kick the burnt flesh bodies, so the flakes of skin are removed from the white bones, and kick the skulls and ribcages to make music.
  • The Wilderness

    The Wilderness
  • Period: to

    The Naming of Names

    Many things on Mars begin to be named after men from the first expeditions to Mars. It talks about how all the things on Mars got their names. The new names are not as descriptive as the names the old Martians created. Humans are adapting Mars to themselves, rather than adapting themselves to Mars.
  • Usher II

    Usher II
    William Stendahl is an avid book lover, wealthy from an inheritance, who has come to Mars to build the house of his dreams. Stendahl has been banned from building the house on Earth by the Office of Moral Climate. Stendahl plans revenge by building the house on Mars. A man named Garrett, an official Investigator of Moral Climate, soon arrives to condemn the house, but Stendahl has a robotic ape kill him. Stendahl has invited the top politicians responsible for the censorship to kill them.
  • The Old Ones

    The Old Ones
  • The Martian

    The Martian
  • The Luggage Store

    The Luggage Store
    Father Peregrine and the proprietor talk about how a war is about to happen on Earth. The proprietor thinks that the people on their way to Mars and most that are already on Mars will want to go back to Earth when the bombs drop on America.
  • The Off Season

    The Off Season
    Sam Parkhill is now married to Elma and he's just started up a new business and it’s a hot dog stand. Sam has some plans for operating the best hot dog stand on Mars, but the last few Martians seem to be bothering him. Well, they just want to tell him something, but he and shoots one of the Martians. Then, when the others come to talk to him, he jumps into his hovercraft like vehicle and tries to outrun them. The Martians catch up and tell him they're giving half of Mars to him,
  • The Watchers

    The Watchers
    There is a nuclear war on Earth. 9:00 Earth seemed to burst into flames. Australia atomized in premature explosion. Part of U.S and London bombed.
  • The Silent Towns

    Almost everyone on Mars went back to Earth. Walter Gripp is a martian who decided not to go back. He is all alone and wanting someone to talk to. He calls a random phone number and a woman named Genevieve Selsor answers. They decide to meet. Genevieve is not the type of person Walter expected to find. Genevieve wants to marry Walter. Walter leaves Genevieve and continues to live alone in silence on Mars.
  • The Long Years

    The chronicle begins by having Hathaway from the fourth expedition sitting with his family in a stone hut just living their life for 20 years. On this certain day he sees a rocket landing, and he signals the rocket by setting a city on fire. When the rocket lands, Hathaway finds out that it was captain Wilder on that rocket. Wilder had just gotten back from exploring other planets in the solar system.
  • There Will Come Soft Rains

    A futuristic house keeps performing its daily tasks even though no one is living in the house anymore. The family dog comes in and dies from not being fed/taken care of. Eventually a fire brings about the destruction of the house.
  • The Million-Year Picnic

    A father, mother, and their 3 kids land on Mars in a rocket. They all ride down a canal in a boat, while the oldest son, Timothy tries to figure out what was really going on. The rocket self-destructs because the Dad wanted his family to begin a new life on Mars and never be able to go back to Earth. The dad also tells his kids that another family and their daughters are on their way to Mars on another rocket to build a new life.