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The Martian Chronicles: Lily Jackson

  • Janurary 2030: Rocket Summer

    Janurary 2030: Rocket Summer
    In this chapter of Ray Bradbury's "The Martian Chronicles", there is a mass defrosting. The story begins with a description of what people are doing. There are children playing in tho snow, and everyone is bundled up in warm winter clothes. Then, all of a sudden, all the snow melt, and there is a het wave across the area the story's taking place. Bradbury descries how everyone is shedding their winter layers, and everyone is adjusting to the heat of the "rocket summer".
  • February 2030: Ylla

    February 2030: Ylla
    In this chapter of the Martian Chronicles, we meet our first Martian, Ylla. She and her husband, Yll, begin to fight because Ylla has a dream about a human astronaut. She also begins to sing in English. Ylla begins to fall in love with the astronaut, and her husband is upset. When the day arrives for the astronaut to arrive, Ylla is forced to stay home, and Yll goes out "hunting." He arrives back later that night, and Ylla has forgotten her song.
  • August 2030: The Summer Night

    August 2030: The Summer Night
    In this chapter of The Martian Chronicles, we are on Mars the night the "earth men" arrive on Mars. Everyone is going on with their daily business, until an opera singer begins to sing a song in English. This happens with more people, and everyone gets freaked out. In the middle of the night, all the women wake up after having a dream. They are very startled. We are left at dawn with a watchman humming the tune of a song.
  • August 2030: The Earth Men

    August 2030: The Earth Men
    In this chapter, the second mission to Mars from Earth lands. They reach Mars, expecting surprice and excitement, but they are only met by blank stares. They go to multiple people, and they end up being put into an insane asylum. The leader is taken to questioning by Mr. Xxx and then they go to the Earth men's rocket. Mr. Xxx end's up shooting the captain and the three men. When their bodies don't disappear, he shoots himself too. The rocket is sold andd used as scrap metal.
  • March 2031: The Taxpayer

    March 2031: The Taxpayer
    There is a man on Earth who wants to leave war-ravished Earth for Mars. He goes up to the fence enclosing the rockets and begs the people inside to take him. He says since he's a taxpayer he should get to go. They tell him he doesn't want to go, as he would most likely die. He keeps begging them, but they don't let him. The police come and take him away, and the rocket launches while he's driving away.
  • April 2031: The Third Expedition

    April 2031: The Third Expedition
    In this chapter, the thrid expedition to Mars arrives. There are 16 people who were able to make it to Mars. As the astronauts step out of the rocket, they are met by a town that looks very much like their hometown did in the 1920s. They then find their "dead" relatives, and they get to "spend the day" with them. That night, the captain is sleeping, and then begins to think of if it's real. He tries to leave, but he never reached the door. The next morning, the town is burying 16 people.
  • June 2032: -And the Moon be Still as Bright

    June 2032: -And the Moon be Still as Bright
    In this chapter, the fourth expedition to Mars lands. It bgins on their fist night, where one of the crew members becomes drunk and everyone is very loud. Another crew member, Speneder, gets very angry at him and ends up punching him. After this, A group of men go into the ruined city. Spender ends up walking away from the crew, and doesn't return for a week. When he returns, he kills five of the men, and then runs away. They chase him through the hills of Mars, and Spender gets killed.
  • August 2032: The Settlers

    August 2032: The Settlers
    In this chapter, it describes the first settlers to Mars. It tells of their reasons for coming and the way the government com=ninved the first few to come. It tells how the =re were few going at first. Then, it tells that more came after the first, but the first few were very lonely and had to stand on their own.
  • December 2032: The Green Morning

    December 2032: The Green Morning
    In this chapter, we meet a settler. He wants to make Mars a green planet, and he wants to give it more oxygen. After fainting and nearly getting sent back to Earth, he becomes the "Johnny Appleseed" of all trees and plants. He drove around for a month, spreading seeds. Then, one night, it rains, and the next morning all the trees are grown and very tall.
  • February 2033: The Locusts

    February 2033: The Locusts
    In this chapter: It describes the settlers of Mars and how they treated the planet. The author makes it out to sound like they're invaders, swarming and destroying artifacts, and also destroying the planets home nature and stuff. I believe this represents what the author doesn't want, and also continues what Spender was afraid of in "-And the Moon be Still as Bright".
  • August 2033: The Night Meeting

    August 2033: The Night Meeting
    In this chapter, one of the settlers meets one of the aliens. The only problem in thir meeting is the alien is thousands of years in the past. One of the settlers was driving down the road, when he spots an alien. They begin to talk, and then they both try to grab something. Their hands go through the others, and they both begin to question something. The alien begins to describe things that are thousands of years in the past to the settler, and they begin to question time and such.
  • October 2033: The Shore

    October 2033: The Shore
    This chapter of The Martian Chronicles begins to tell of the settlers of Mars. First they were sparse, and then more and more settlers came. Then it tells about how the other countries on Earth just watched the Americans go to Mars while they were left of the planet, ridden with war.
  • Feburary 2034: Interim

    Feburary 2034: Interim
    In this chapter, the reader gets an inside look into onne of the towns of Mars. It begins with the bulding and what supplies they used. Then, it describes what the twon is like. On sunday, church hyms are sung an such; you can hear the clicking of typewriters. The author describes it as if the whirlwind from the Wizard of Oz picked up an Earth town and put it on Mars.
  • April 2034: The Musicians

    April 2034: The Musicians
    In this chapter, it describes the adventres of some of the setter boys. They would hike through the Martian wilderness into one of the old Martian cities. They'd run into the old houses and kick up the dead Martian skin and play the bone like a xylophone. They would do this to multiple houses in the cities until they needed to go home, where they would get in trouble. The houses got cleaned up, though, and it "was no fun anymore."
  • May 2034: The Wilderness

    May 2034: The Wilderness
    There are two women on Earth, and they're packing to go to Mars. One of them freeze as she opens a closet and two memories pop into her head. She begins to worry about her trip to Mars. The other girl begins talking about life on Mars, and the first girl begins to panic. The other girl calms her, then they take in their last night on Earth. Once they get home, one of the girl's boyfriend's call, and she tells him she's coming to Mars. They both then went to sleep.
  • 2035-2036: The Naming of Names

    2035-2036: The Naming of Names
    At the beginning of this chapter, the Earth men began to name the Martian towns, cities, hills, and such. They named some towns and hills after the failed expeditions, Spender, and Nathainal York. Then, as more people began to come, some of the rules that were on Earth were pushed onto the Martian settlers. So some of the settlers began to push back against the enforced rules.
  • April 2036: Usher II

    April 2036: Usher II
    There is a man who rebuilds the House of Usher from Edgar Allan Poe's story "The Fall of the House of Usher". He is an advocate for fantasy and books and such. He brings all the people in the group that is imposing the laws against fantasy and sutch to his house, and has built robots to their liking. The ispector comes, also, and he watches as all his collegues get murdered. He doesn't know it's the real ones though, because of the robots. He ends up getting murdered also, and the house falls.
  • August 2036: The Old Ones

    August 2036: The Old Ones
    In this chapter of The Martian Chronicles, more people come to Mars. This time, it's the older people, or the elderly. He (the author) describes how they are. I believe that this (very) short chapter was included to tell us about what age was on Mars already. You now knoe the average age of who had come to Mars, and now there's older people.
  • September 2036: The Martian

    September 2036: The Martian
    There's and old couple who moved to Mars after their son had died of pneumonia. One day, a Martian disguised as their son came to the door. That night, he brainwashed his "mother" into thinking he was their real son. The next day they went to town, and everyone began to believe that it was a loved one/ dead person they knew. The martian "died" and then everyone went home.
  • November 2036: The Luggage Store

    November 2036: The Luggage Store
    In this chapter of The Martian Chronicles, It tells of a small luggage store on Mars, and a conversation that happens within it. There is going to be a war on Earth, and the owner of the luggage store is in shock, as he had never lived on earth. His father, an Earth man who came to mars, explains how earth was a terriblly unstable place, and it as expected. They then talk about how the people left on Earth would be used in the war, and that maybe some people on Mars would leave to go back.
  • November 2036: The Off Season (cont.)

    November 2036: The Off Season (cont.)
    (cont) him a grant to a lot of land on Mars. He is then told something huge is going to happen on Earth. The Martians leave, and as the man looks up, he sees Earth explode.
  • November 2036: The Off Season

    November 2036: The Off Season
    In this chapter, it describes a meeting between a settler and a group of Martians. There is a man, who is one of the people form the fourth expedition (the one that survived), and his wife, and the man has opened a hot dog stand. He's ranting on about it to his wife when an alien appears to give him something. He panics and shoots th alien. More aliens then come, who he thinks is trying to kill him. He begins to run from them, when he is stopped. They take him back to his stand and give (cont)
  • November 2036: The Watchers

    November 2036: The Watchers
    In this chapter, the people of Mars look at Earth as it burns in the sky. The fire burns for hours, until it extinguishes itself at midnight. The citizens stay up late and talk about their family on earth, wondering if everyone's okay. They the get a message from Earth saying that war has broken out and places are being bombed. Everyone on Mars is told to come home. The chapter ends in the luggage store from a prevous chapter, with a large group of people coming to get luggage to go back.
  • December 2036: The Silent Towns (Cont.)

    December 2036: The Silent Towns (Cont.)
    (cont.) what he had hoped for, and, by the end of the day, realizes she is a tad bit crazy. He runs away from her, and has to drive for a long while before he feels safe. He never picks up a phone again.
  • December 2036: The Silent Towns

    December 2036: The Silent Towns
    In this chapter, we are greeted by the lonely mars, abandoned by the people going back to Earth to help with the war. We meet a man named Walter Gripp, and he is alone, walking through the abandoned town. He has been alone for quite a while, and as he's alking through the twon, hears a phone. By the time he reaches it, it's ended. Another one rings, but it's the same situation. He finally gets a hold of the person calling, and ends up driving for two days to meet her. She isn't exactly (cont.)
  • April 2057: The Long Years

    April 2057: The Long Years
    in this chapter of The Martian Chronicles, we learn that Walter Gripp isn't the only man on Mars. One of the members of the fourth expedition to Mars is still alive with his family. He has been here for almost three years, and a rocket finally comes back. He calls them down, and it is Captain Wilder, back from his expedition. He and Hathaway chat for a while, and they have breakfast with the family. Wilder's crew soon figures out that Hathaway is the only one who is truly alive, and they (Cont.)
  • April 2057: The Long Years (Cont.)

    April 2057: The Long Years (Cont.)
    (Cont.) become a tad bit nervous. Soon after this discovery, Hathaway dies, and the crew buries him and then decides what to do with the family. They decide to leave the family active, and begin to head back to Earth.
  • August 2057: There will come Soft Rain

    August 2057: There will come Soft Rain
    In this chapter, we enter a house. It is the last house in a demolished, radioactive city. It goes through it's daily routines, making food and entertainment for it's nonexistent guests, and cleaning up the nonexistent mess. It begins the night routine, when something spills on the stove and catches the house on fire. The robotics in the house try to defend the house from the fire, but they can't stop the house. By morning the fire has destroyed the house.
  • October 2057: The Million-Year Picnic

    October 2057: The Million-Year Picnic
    In this chapter, there is a family who decided to take a "vacation" to the now abandoned Mars. The first day there, they decide to travel down the canal on a "fishing trip". Afterr leisurly going down the canal, something sends a shudder down the canal, scaring the dad. The boy says it's the rocket exloding, and the family dismisses it. They then find a Martian city, and the dad finally tells the children that they are going to live on Mars, and then gives the city to the boys. (cont.)
  • October 2057: The Million-Year Picnic (Cont.)

    October 2057: The Million-Year Picnic (Cont.)
    (cont.) He then explains how he had hssed the rocket and such, and how another family would also be coming up to Mars. Night soon falls, and he goes more into depth on how Earth is going to be dead, and how them and the other few families coming to Mars will be the only people there, as interplanetary travel won't be available. He then shows them the "martians", who, in actuality, were the reflections of themselves.