The Martian Chronicles

  • Dream

    Mrs. K had a dream about a man traveling from Earth. His name is Nathaniel York and his friend's name is Bert. He had black hair, blue eyes, and he is 6'2". She told her husband and he became jealous.
  • The Third Expedition

    The Third Expedition
    The Third Expedition has landed on Mars. It has landed on the opposite side of the fourth planet. They have stayed away from where Captain Williams and Captain York have gone astray. They land in a town practically identical to Green Bluff, Illinois. They find it strange how it is so similar to Earth. Three of the 16 men leave the ship to explore. The others inside the ship have instructions to stay put and escape if anything were to happen.
  • Second Expedition

    Second Expedition
    Captain Jonathan Williams and his crew had just arrived on the fourth planet. They arrived at Mrs. Ttt's home and she began to speak English, but she was actually using telepathy. They were shocked to know they understood English. It turns out they are not Martians, but the planet's name is Tyrr. The crew is sent to many other homes until they get to Mr. Iii. The captain tells them that they are from Earth. They are put in an insane asylum and later shot to death by the psychiatrist.
  • Spender

    Spender was on the Fourth Expedition. All the Martians had been killed by the Chicken Pox by the time they arrived. The planet was to be taken over by Earth men. Spender did not agree with this. He killed many of his fellow shipmates for thinking of replacing Mars. He felt as if he represented the Martian community. He was shot in the chest and killed by the captain.
  • Green Morning

    Green Morning
    Benjamin Driscoll planted thousands of trees upon his arrival at Mars. After one month, it finally rained. He awoke to the huge growth of these trees. They reached the sun. He fell asleep once more. Again, when he woke up, thousands of other trees had grown taller than the Redwood trees.
  • The Martian and the Human

    The Martian and the Human
    Tomás, the human, was driving on his way to the party at the new colony. While driving, Tomás encounters a Martian. When he offers the a artisan a drink, the cup falls out of his hands. The Martian cannot hold human objects and Tomás, and all humans, cannot hold Martian objects. They look out onto the vast landscape and they see different things. Tomás sees ruins and broken pillars, but the Martian sees a festival with boats, fire, and women. The Martian is from the past and Tomás is not.
  • The House of Usher

    The House of Usher
    Mr. Garrett is inspecting Mr. Stendahl's House of Usher. All things which are forbidden in Earth are in this house. Mr. Garrett was going to close down the house, so Mr. Stendahl killed him "Edgar Allan Poe style." He killed him as if Mr. Garrett were Fortunato and Mr. Stendahl was Montresor.
  • The Martian

    The Martian
    Mr. and Mrs. LaFarge had a kid who passed away many years before they went to Mars. A Martian ca e to their home one day and acted as Tom. Telepathy was used to convince them that it was really Tom. This happened for a day, but when Tom left the house, another supposedly dead person appeared. At night, one another person appeared. Tom was suddenly changing into all different people. All the people he had pretended to be and the change caused his death.
  • The Off Season

    The Off Season
    Sam Parkhill from the Fourth Expedition had come back to live on Mars. He came with his wife and he has started a hot dog business. He was the first to have a hot dog stand and he is proud of it. When a masked man comes up to him and starts to take a bronze tube out, Sam shoots him thinking it is a weapon. It turns out it is a scroll written in the Martian language. He is followed by many Martians who end up giving him similar scrolls indicating that he owns half of Mars. That night Earth died.
  • The New Martian

    The New Martian
    Earth has gone into war and nobody wants to leave. This family leaves Earth and goes to Mars on a family rocket. They stay there and become the new Martians.