Mars 2567026b

The Martian Chronicles

By ahornig
  • Rocket Summer

    Rocket Summer
    There is a rocket that lands in Ohio, turning the winter to instant summer. Most people are very confused at what is happening. It is hot and the snow turns to rain.
  • Period: to

    The Martian Chronicles

  • Ylla

    In this chapter, we meet Ylla and Yll. Ylla goes on and on about this dream she had. Yll is annoyed by this, and seems to lose his trust in his wife. Ylla is supposed to go visit someone, but Yll convinces her to stay home. Yll claimed that a man was coming to visit them, while Yll was out "hunting". The man never came.
  • The Summer Night

    The Summer Night
    A crowd gathered to watch a woman sing. They were a bit disappointed because as she sang, the song came out in another language. The musicians as well were confused, and the same music came out when they attempted to play. Lots of women during the middle of the night began to shout that something terrible would happen in the morning.
  • The Earth Men

    The Earth Men
    3 men from Earth travel to Mars and end up at the Ttt house. The Ttt's all seem annoyed, and send the men to Aaa. The 3 men were convinced that the planet was called Tyrr, not Mars. The men are sent to Iii and the captain is asked to sign a paper. Mr. Iii sends them to Mr. Xxx. Xxx gives them a key to a corridor, where they meet many Martians. With what nonsense the Martians have to say, the 3 men conclude that they are in an insane asylum. Mr. Xxx wants the men to disappear. He kills them all.
  • The Taxpayer

    The Taxpayer
    A man demands that because he is a taxpayer, he should get to go to Mars. He shouts about how a nuclear war will happen soon, and ends up getting arrested.
  • The Third Expedition

    The Third Expedition
    A rocket is sent to Mars. The men on the mission cannot understand why Mars is so much like Earth. It is scary how similar the two were. They then found out that they time traveled instead. They were in the year 1956 in Illinois.
  • And The Moon Be Still As Bright

    And The Moon Be Still As Bright
    A fourth expedition lands on Mars. The travelers find that many Martians had died due to chicken pox. Spender claims to be the last Martian. He is then given a clean death. He is laid to rest in a Martian tomb. Parkhill is doing target practice, then gets his teeth knocked out by the captain.
  • The Settlers

    The Settlers
    In this chronicle, interest starts sparking in the Mars expeditions. More and more people had a growing interest in getting away from Earth.
  • The Green Morning

    The Green Morning
    Benjamin Driscoll is on Mars. He passes out from a lack of oxygen, and almost gets sent back to Earth. He decides to plant trees in order to get more oxygen. During the night, it rains and thousands of trees have sprouted.
  • The Locusts

    The Locusts
    More and more people are traveling to Mars. The Rockets are so dense that they appear like locusts. Thousands of people are now on Mars.
  • Night Meeting

    Night Meeting
    Tomas stops around, asking about living on Mars. A Martian Ship arrives, and Muhe Ca steps out. Muhe Ca is able to communicate. He uses telepathy to communicate. Tomas attempts to share a beverage with Muhe Ca, but they cannot touch each other or each other's personal belongings. They both assume that the other is a ghost.
  • The Shore

    The Shore
    There are waves of men coming to Mars. All of them came from America. The rest of Earth is involved in a war, while America is taking over Mars.
  • The Naming of Names

    The Naming of Names
    This chronicle explains how names on Mars are formed. There are names like Black River and Red Town. The way they are being named is for resources they contain, and the way the area appears. Humans are adapting Mars to how they want it.
  • Usher II

    Usher II
    This chronicle tells a recreated story of Edgar Allen Poe's House of Usher. Stendahl plans to build a house on Mars, as a plot for revenge on the Office of Moral Climate. This chronicle makes allusions to Alice in Wonderland, Rapunzel, and even another of Edgar Allen Poe's works.
  • The Old Ones

    The Old Ones
    The Old people on Earth have finally come to Mars. This chronicle describes their wrinkly skin and deteriorating appearance.
  • The Martian

    The Martian
    Mr. and Mrs. Lafarge are living on Mars. The woman begins to think of her deceased son as it begins to rain. They reminisce about him. The woman hears a noise and the man goes to investigate. It is their son (or so it appears). They go to town, which the son was afraid of. The man and woman are afraid that he is a Martian in disguise, but he convinces them that he is indeed their son.
  • The Luggage Store

    The Luggage Store
    There is word that a war will break out on Earth soon. The luggage store gets swamped as many people want to travel back to Earth to see their loved ones.
  • The Offseason

    The Offseason
    Sam and a Martian have some conversation. The Martian pulls out a tube and Sam assumes it's a gun. Sam shoots the Martian. Sam buried the Martian. Sam goes back to his hotdog stand. The Martians end up giving him ownership of half of Mars.
  • The Watchers

    The Watchers
    Earth explodes in front of the Martian's eyes. A message in morse code is sent to Mars. It says that Australia has been prematurely wiped out. The entire continent is gone now. London and LA have also been bombed. The Luggage store is now entirely sold out.
  • The Silent Towns

    The Silent Towns
    Walter Gripp is the last on Mars. Everyone else had left for Earth. He is almost desparate to find a woman, a love interest. He answers a random phone which turs out to not be a woman. He then begins dialing random numbers in search for a woman to pick up on the other end. He reaches Genevieve Selsor. They chat and fall in "love". They meet, but Walter loses interest when he sees that she is a larger woman. She brings out her wedding dress and Walter runs away.
  • The Long Years

    The Long Years
    Hathaway, from the fourth expedition has been alone on Mars for the past 20 years with his family. He sees a rocket land on Mars. To show that he is there, he sets fire to an entire city. It is captain Wilder. He wants to head back to Earth, but Hathaway invites him in for dinner. Eventually, Hathaway himself passes away from heart problems. He is buried with his real family. This chronicle really shows (most likely) the true finale of intelligent life.
  • There Will Come Soft Rains

    There Will Come Soft Rains
    There is a house, fully automatic. There are five sillhouettes of people doing different things. A sick dog shows up, foaming at the mouth. The dog starts to go wild and ends up dying. The automated takes the dog's body away. In the former women's voices who had lived in the house, a poem is read. That poem is "There Will Come Soft Rains". Fire catches to the house. When it is over, a voice tells that it is 2057.
  • The Million Year Picnic

    The Million Year Picnic
    The Thomas family is the last surviivng family on Earth. The parents have planned all along to take their children to Mars for safety. They can choose anywhere to live, for they are the last survivors. The father explains to the son that they aren't really on a fishing trip because Earth is gone. The father destroys the rocket and all papers. A map of Earth is burned. The children ask to see a Martian. The father takes them to water and points. The martians he is showing them are themselves.