Tecnology Through My Life

  • Discmens

    I would walk home from school listening to my Discmen and I thought is was the coolest thing ever.
  • Chalk Board

    Chalk Board
    Chalk Boards where used when I started kinergarten
  • WhiteBoards

    I was in fourth grade when I was in a class that had a white board.
  • Over Head Projectors

     Over Head Projectors
    All through out my schooling we had over head projecters. Teachers would have to set it up when ever they wanted to show the class a paper up on the board.
  • VCR

    VCR this how we got to watch our movies in school.
  • DVD players

    DVD players
    I remeber when DVD players started coming into the schlools.
  • Camcorders

    I remeber using a camcorer to create a project for 6th grade.
  • Nokia Cell Phone

    Nokia Cell Phone
    I got to take my moms Nokia Cell Phone to school with me one day in 7th grade.
  • Ceiling Projectors

    Ceiling Projectors
    Ceiling projectors I remember in 8th grade. This easyer for the teachers to show the class things up on the board with out the hassle.
  • Smart Phones

    Smart Phones
    When I got my first smart phone I was a senior in high school.
  • IPaids

    IPaid are being used in Elementary schools.
  • Smart Boards

    Smart Boards
    Smart Boards are used in many classrooms to day.