Technology Inventions

  • Ipod

    The ipod is a tiny portable music player thats an updated version of an mp3
  • Facebook

    Facebook is another social network that can help you keep in touch with other friends or family members. It lets you see what they are doing and what pictures they have.
  • Nintendo D.S

    Its a handheld gaming device. It has a touch screen and you use a pick to tap the screen, You can conntect with other people to a drawling room and chat with them.
  • Xbox 360

    Its a gaming device that you hook up to the computer. You can get Xbox live and be able to communicate with anybody who is in the same game as you.
  • Twitter

    Twitter is a social network that can let you communicate with people all over the world and keep you updated on famous peoples "tweets"
  • Macbook

    portable Imac laptop.
  • Wii

    Is a gaming device that gets the whole family up and movie. You have a remote that you use to play all differnt games. You create your own "mii" and then use thenm to play the games.
  • PS3

    Another remote and gaming device you hook up to the T.V.
  • Ipod Touch

    is a portable media player, personal digital assistance, handheld game console, and Wi-Fi mobile device.
  • IPad

    Its a compination of the Ipod and Ipod touch. It's much larger and can be used as a computer.