Technology - CIS105 Assignment

  • Square- Jack Dorsey and Jim McKelvey

    Square- Jack Dorsey and Jim McKelvey
    Square is a payment system that offers not only convenience, but it has changed the game for many small businesses. Illiminating the need for bulky cash registers. It also offers the convenience of not having to carry a wallet of credit cards, because you can use your smart phone to scan your payment.
  • Ipad- Steve Jobs-Apple

    Ipad- Steve Jobs-Apple
    The ipad is a computer tablet that offers so many conveniences. You can take it on the go. It is used by many students because it is compact and light weight. You can watch movies on the go, do homework assignments and so much more.
  • Kindle Whitepaper-Amazon

    Kindle Whitepaper-Amazon
    Electronic book also called an e-reader.
    The kindle whitepaper is meant to mimic the appearance of actual paper of a book. It is water resistant and is thinner and lighter than the original kindle.
  • Video doorbell- Jamie Siminoff

    Video doorbell- Jamie Siminoff
    One of the greatest conveniences of the video doorbell is security. It allows you to see who is at your front door, see when packages are delivered and allows you to speak to the person at your front door even when you're not home.
  • Echo smart speaker- Amazon

    Echo smart speaker- Amazon
    The Amazon Echo smart speaker was invented in 2014 by Amazon. It uses AI to listen to and respond to voice commands from the user.
    It has made life so much easier for the disabled for example. My friend who is wheelchair bound is able to use it to order groceries, play music, listen to books and get information, just by using his voice.