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  • Accelerated Reader Program

    Accelerated Reader Program
    My earliest memory of using technology would have to be the use of the Accelerated Reader (AR) program in elementary school. I would find myself reading as many books as I could with the "green" dot marked on their spine indicating they were an AR book. After completing a book, I would then take the AR test on the library computer. Points were given if I passed the test.
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  • Nintendo 64

    Nintendo 64
    The beginning of 2000 marked a new era for me; I received my first gaming system, the Nintendo 64, for Christmas (1999). Pokemon, James Bond, and Mario Kart were among some of my favorite games I enjoyed playing on my Nintendo 64.

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  • Home Computer

    Home Computer
    The year 2000 also marked another major technology era for my family; my parents bought our first home computer desktop. Although my experiences using the computer were limited at the time, I do remember playing The Sims and Roller Coaster Tycoon for entertainment.
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  • My First Cellphone

    My First Cellphone
    Cellphones have come a long way and serve more purposes than ever imagined. I received my first cellphone in the 6th grade. Of course I thought I was just the coolest kid in school carrying around my baby blue Nokia cellphone. Most of my cellphone use at the time consisted of playing the very addictive snake game or talking to my best friend (this was allowed because he also had Verizon and our calls were free).
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  • My First Laptop

    My First Laptop
    Middle school was great to me when it comes to technology. I received my first cellphone in the 6th grade and now my first laptop in the 8th grade. As a birthday gift from my parents, I received a Gateway laptop that felt like it weighed over one-hundred pounds and took twenty years to turn on. Thank goodness laptops have come a long way since then!
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  • iPhone 4s

    iPhone 4s
    In 2007, the world was forever changed with the release of Apple's iPhone. Unfortunately, I was a Verizon customer and was not able to get my first iPhone until the 4s was released to other carriers in 2011. I received my very first smartphone in October 2011 and have been a loyal iPhone user ever since!
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  • MacBook Air

    MacBook Air
    In 2012, I started my first semester of College and bought myself my first Apple computer, the MacBook Air. This computer got me through my entire undergraduate degree!
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  • iPad Air

    iPad Air
    When the iPad was first released, I did not fully understand the need for an oversized iPhone and decided to not jump on the bandwagon. It wasn't until 2013 that I decided to give the iPad a try and purchased the newly designed iPad Air. Although I had every intention of using my new iPad for school, realistically it was used to play Angry Birds and other various gaming apps.
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  • SmartBoard

    In 2015, I started my career as a first year 7th grade English teacher in Atlanta, GA. One of the most exciting experiences I faced, aside from teaching, was learning how to use the SmartBoard. The SmartBoard was able to bring interactive learning experiences to my classroom that a traditional whiteboard could not.
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  • Google for Education

    Google for Education
    During my second year of teaching, I switched to a school district that utilized the Google Education Suite. After an intensive 3 day "Google Bootcamp," I finally received my Google Educator Level 1 Certification. With this certification, I was able to show mastery in using apps and products from the Google Education Suite.
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  • Apple Educator

    Apple Educator
    During my third year of teaching, the school district I worked for turned into a 1:1 technology system and provided an iPad for every Middle and High School student. After a couple of weeks of training courses and seminars, I received my coveted Apple Educator Certification. With this certification, I was apple to show mastery in using products from the Apple Education Suite.
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  • MacBook Upgrade

    MacBook Upgrade
    Finally, we are brought to the present. Towards the end of 2019, I decided to upgrade my MacBook Air and purchased the latest and upgraded version, the 2019 MacBook Air. I have high hopes that this amazing piece of technology will get me through another degree and will be by my side to help with advancements in my career.
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  • The Future...

    Technology is changing and evolving everyday. Tech companies are producing more and more products than ever before just to keep up with the fast market. I chose this video on foldable smart phones because I feel this is the reality of where our technology is headed. Although this is just one example, I do feel this new concept is going to shape the way we imagine and design future technology.
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