Tech Timeline

By jkxjj
  • Period: to


  • First computer use in memory

    Windows 95. Memory playing the Land Before Time computer game
  • First time with camcorder

    Found my parents camcorder and tried to use it in places my eye could not see, such as the inside of our shrubs
  • First encounter with a camera phone

  • Made first movie

    Shot on a Digital Blue camcorder. The name of the movie was "Scooter Life" due to the lifestyle my friend and I lived after getting Razor scooters.
  • First Cell phone

    Some sort of Nokia
  • Facebook account created

  • First website created, poorly

    Worked with a program that was supposed to help me build a website and generate oodles of money.
  • Learned Final Cut

    Learned at a summer film program at the school of visual arts in New York.
  • First animation

  • My first own computer

  • Web design class begins

    Learned javascript, HTML, and CSS