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  • VMA'S 2009

    VMA'S 2009
    The dispute between the two dates from 2009. Then, Taylor Swift won the award for Best Female Video at the MTV Video Music Awards. An important recognition in his career that remains in the memory of many of his fans. And, when she received the award from Kanye West, the interpreter had an unpleasant surprise. The rapper told her that she was not the one who deserved that award. Well, in her opinion, the winner must have been Beyoncé with her song ‘Single Ladies
  • Swift forgives West

    Swift forgives West
    Taylor Swift writes "innocent" in response to Kanye West's interruption of her acceptance speech at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards.
  • West calls Swift

    West calls Swift
    Kanye West calls Taylor Swift to inform him to mention it is his song "Famous", she listens to only one line of this and tells him that she thought it would be something cruel to call it "bitch", he does not tell her that Yes, she will and neither will a nude wax figure of her appear in her video.
  • West releases "Famous"

    West releases "Famous"
    West's song and video comes out, and Swift finds out, as well as thousands of questions as to why he lets himself be named.
  • Grammys 2016

    Grammys 2016
    Swift gives a speech by winning the Grammy for "Album of the Year" and in it he dedicates a part to West that says "There will be people on the road will try to belittle your success or appropriate your achievements or your fame. But if you focus on work and don't let them deviate from your path, someday when you get what you want you will look around and know that it was you and the people who love you who put you there.
  • Snapchats by Kim K.

    Snapchats by Kim K.
    Kim K. uploads West and Swift's conversation through snapchats so that only the pieces that suit them come out and leave Swift as a liar about not authorizing the video or the second line of the song.
  • Kim K. calls Swift snake

    Kim K. calls Swift snake
    After posting a tweet where it says "Oh it's International Snake Day" all of Swift's photos were filled with snakes
  • Swift responds to snapchas by Kim. K.

    Swift responds to  snapchas by Kim. K.
    Swift says that at no point in the call does it come out that she authorized her to be called a bich in West's song because it doesn't exist.
  • Taylor Swift disappears

    Taylor Swift disappears
    Swift deletes all its publications and disappears from all media for more than 1 year.
  • The entire call is filtered

    The entire call is filtered
    After years, last Saturday the entire call was filtered where it is clearly demonstrated how West tries to manipulate Swift until he gets the clip where he says yes, it is shown as only informs him about the first line and never tells him anything about the second line or the video, showing that she always told the truth.