Summer of 2012

By hunterp
  • Last day of school as 7th grader

    Last day of school as 7th grader
    We played kickball on the last day of school. We also played dogeball, and other fun games. We handed in our computers. Then I went home and went swimming.
  • Swimming

    Swam from 1:00 to 5:00. Went home and ate supper. Went back to the pool at 6:30 and came home at 8:30. Went home and had a snack and went to bed.
  • Fishing

    My friend and I got together. His mom drove us to a small lake. When I put on some bait I caught a big bass. After that my friend caught a big turtle that had to be at lest 150 pounds.
  • Cleaning filtters

    Cleaning filtters
    I went to the pool to swim. When I got their the lifegaurd asked me to clean the filtters. I said sure i'll do it. I got the stuff out and did it. When I got done she gave me 15 dollers because I did 3 buckets she had to get more money to finish paying me.
  • Okoboji

    My family went to Okoboji in the afternoon. When we got their we got the stuff out of the cars. Then we went swiming. finally we at supper, packed up and went home.
  • Fair

    When we got to Le Mars we went to my sister's house. when we got to the fair it was noon. I went on some rides and played some games. After that we watched the derby and went home.
  • First day of school as 8th grader

    First day of school as 8th grader
    the bus on the 1st day was really crowded. When the bus got to school we went inside, I went to my locker got my stuff put away. Then I went to the gym and sat down. The rest of the day went fine.