Summer In Paris

By ayrat
  • On the Plane With lots of Adrenaline

    On the Plane With lots of Adrenaline
    My Family And I were Packing up, bgetting ready for the City Of Lights. We had A Rush Of happiness and adrenaline! I almost Forgot to pack my clothes because i was so excited.
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  • Sofitel Hotel

    Sofitel Hotel
    Once we got out the airport we got a taxi to our hotel- Sofitel Hotel- I Think It is an awesome hotel, I would give it 4 stars!
  • Shopping In Paris

    Shopping In Paris
  • Breakfast in Paris (Croissants)

    Breakfast in Paris (Croissants)
    When Your in Paris, what is a necessary thing you got to do????
    Me and my mom ate (like) 20 croissamts. they were delish!
  • The Eiffel Tower

    The Eiffel Tower
    Finally, the day I have been waiting for since I got out of the plane.......
    The Eiffel Tower
    My Family and I went to visit the Eiffel Tower and we wanted to go through the elevator but there was this huge queue that went all the way to toronto (kidding). So at the end we had to go through the stairs but it was worth it
  • A Sleep in!

    A Sleep in!
    We got so tired after the Eiffel Tower so we had a relaxing day! We just rented a couple of movies and slept in he hotel room.
  • Walking around the sidewalk

    Walking around the sidewalk
    Today my family and I just walked around in the sidewalk enjoying the fresh air. We had lunch at a really fancy restaurant.
  • Parade

    I looked outside my hotel room window and saw a parade so I asked my parents if we can go and watch them and thay said yes. It was an amazing parade and I loved the costumes.
  • Time to Leave!

    Time to Leave!
    Sadly, it was time to leave!
    Bye-bye Paris