Summer Colson pd. 5

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  • My birthday!(:

    My birthday!(:
    I was born in Lakeland General Hospital.
  • When i first went to the beach.

    When i first went to the beach.
    It was cocoa beach.[:
  • Sister was born.

    Sister was born.
    My little sister was born. I was 4. & she was adorable,
  • I met my other bestfriend Brittny.(:

    I met my other bestfriend Brittny.(:
    I've known her for 8 years now. (:
  • Broke my right elbow.

    Broke my right elbow.
    I had to write with my left and & it sucked. I was in 5th grade. I fell of my bike.
  • First concert.

    First concert.
    I went with Chelsea Matioli. Went to see Nevershoutnever, Mayday parade, The summer set, & The cab at the house of blues in orlando.
  • Parents got divorced.

    Parents got divorced.
  • me & zoe became bestfriends. (:

    me & zoe became bestfriends. (:
    We met in art & then went ice skating together. :D
  • Broke left elbow.

    Broke left elbow.
    It was at ice sating because i slid down a hand rail & landed on it wrong.
  • got my laptop.

    got my laptop.
    I've been waiting forever.
  • Started high school!

    Started high school!
    I started high school & i got Mrs. B as a teacher.(:
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    Summer Colson pd. 5