summer 2012

By connera
  • Baseball

    We played alot of games we played a total of 15 games. We played each team 2 time we won some and we lost some. All my teamates all tryed there best and we had alot of fun together.
  • My Brothers Birthday

    We ate cake at my brothers birthday and he open presents. He had some of his friends over with him to celebrate. He was happy that he got some of the things he wanted!!
  • Omaha Zoo

    We went to the Omaha Zoo we saw alot of different animals i also saw my friend Isaac. We checked out the fish Aqurium it was pretty neat. We saw monkies eating potatoe chips they loved them.
  • My friends Cabin

    We went boating all day and we rode jet ski. We hanged out and we rode golf cart all around. We went swimming and we went fishing and caought alot of fish!!
  • The tractor Pull

    Me and alot of friends went to the tractor pull and had alot of fun. When it started it was really loud and everyone was covering there ears. There were trucks and there were tractors and the tractors could pull it farther then the trucks.
  • Camping

    My family went camping for a week in Yankton it was fun. We rode jet skis and we tubed alot. We ate smores and we had a camp fire every night it was alot of fun!