Summer 2012

  • Florida Trip

    In Florida I went to Universal and Islands of Adventure. We went to the worlds largest Hard Rock Cafe.The sea food was very good there and we also went to Clear water Beach and ate at the restaurant that was down there on the beach.
  • Birthday Party

    My niece turned two. My sister came up from Sioux City. We all had supper at my house. Then My niece opened her presents
  • Party

    I went to the Salker's annual 4th of July party. We watched and lit fire works and had lots of snacks. Then me and Samantha went and played hide and seek tag with her brother Seth.
  • Camp

    I swam in the lake all the way out to the bouy with Emily. Also I played octoball. Later we had a grill out and it was raining but, the food was still great.
  • Bike Trail

    I road my bike down the trail with Emily. Then we met up with some people and went swimming in the river. Later we all went and had supper at Pizza Ranch.
  • River

    I jumped off an 8 foot cliff into the Big Sioux River. Then I went swimming and had alot of fun. Later I went fishing with some friends and caught a couple of fish.
  • Grandma's House

    We had supper at Grandma's house and it was delicious. Then we talked and sewed together. Later we had an ice cream and brownie sundae for desert.