• Baseball

    I played summer rec baseball for hawarden. We did pretty good but there is always room for improvement. It was a good way for me to stay busy have fun and not be bored.
  • Swimming

    I went to the pool and swam almost every day cause it was really hot outside. i really like swimming. I also went with my family.
  • Family Reunion

    Family Reunion
    We ate food and had fun playing games. We visited figured out what was going with the other people in our famly.
  • Fishing

    We went to Lake Pahoa and just went fishing for a whole day. We probably caught 50 fish. it was a great way to spen time with me and my parents.
  • Preparing for school

    Preparing for school
    We went shopping for school supplies. We went to Siioux Falls and Sioux city. It was along day because I really dont like shopping.
  • Neice's Birthday

    Neice's Birthday
    We celecrated her birthday and my neice had turned three. She got lots of presents she got alot of toy story things because that what she likes. We all had a great ime and we all had fun.