Steam Engine

By SaraK
  • Partnership with Necomen

    Savery patented his inverted steam dryer and partnered up with Necomen.
  • Thomas Savery

    Thomas Savery invented and patented the first steam engine. The only probably was that his invention wasnt successful.
  • Fire Engine

    Newcomen and Cully made a successful steam engine together which they called, "Fire Engine".
  • Thomas Newcomen

    Thomas Newcomen put together the prototype for the first modern steam engine.
  • Newcomen

    First exportation of Newcomen's steam engine to America.
  • An Assignment

    While working for the University of Glasgow, James Watt was assigned the task of repairing Newcomen's engine. Even though Newcomen's engine didnt work, it was the best of the time.
  • James Watt

    in 1769, James Watt made improvements to the steam engine. Not only did it work, but it was one of the machinery that helped start the industrial revolution.
  • Boulton and Watt

    Boulton and Watt partner up and invent a double acting rotative engine.
  • Commuter Traffic

    Commuter traffic becomes well known in big cities. Passenger traffic locomotives are introduced by the railways.
  • Dokter Schmidt

    Superheating of steam was invented by Dokter Schmidt and used in British Railway locomotives
  • British Railways

    The final steam locomotive is built by British Railways , named the "Evening Star"