Star Wars

By wojtek
  • Star Wars

    Star Wars
    The First, but fifth in the story line, first enters the movies "Star Wars". Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith, the fourth story line movie, sixth made, is realesed.
  • ME !!!

    Hi my name is Wojtek. I'm 12 ears old. I'm from Poland. In Dubai is very funny. I like Dubai. In dubai is very big tower. It is Burj Khalifa. I have friend from Poland, Englend, India, Turkey ... My English is not veryv good but I speak English. I have friend it's she. She's name is Laura. She too. She from Poland so sometimes we speak in Polish.
  • Apollo 11

    Apollo 11
    Apollo 11 was the first flight that took men to the moon and was a project of the United States. This was a great achievement because the US had reached the moon before the Soviets.
  • Sweet dogs

    Sweet dogs
    Who like dogs?
    I love dogs? Dogs are very sweet. Dog is your best friend. Your dog love you. Your dog is your best friend?
    If this is not your best friend your dog don't love you.
    If you like your dog he love you