Special Events of My Life

By jlau
  • Birth

    @ scarborough general hospital
    at around 2 in the afternoon.
  • younger sister was born

    younger sister was born
    @ MarkhamStouville Hospital
    at the time, I was almost 3 years old.
    This is a significant event of my life because I am the first born of the family, and having a new sibling what a big change.
  • School!

    (date not exact)
    I started elementry school in 1999 at the age of four. I attended Sixteenth Avenue Public School and stayed there for 10 years.
    This was very significant because I made a lot of friends that I grew up with.
  • Moving Time!

    Moving Time!
    this was the day that my family and I moved into the current neighborhood, and we haven't moved ever since. It is significant to my life because most of my childhood memories were part of growing up in the neighborhood I still currently live in
  • second younger sister was born

    second younger sister was born
    @ markham stouville hospital.
    at the time, I was about 7 years old, almost 8.
    This was significant to me because this time i was older and I actually remember watching my sister grow up as for my other sister, I was too young to remember.
  • Ottawa!

    May 6 - May 8 was my grade 8 Ottawa trip. This was a significant event because through this trip I learned a lot about history stuff and made great memories there.
  • Gr.8 Grad

    Gr.8 Grad
    @ Sixteenth Avenue Public School
    being at the same school since junior kindergarden, this event was very special to me, because I was leaving all my friends and going to a completely new high school where I didn't know much people
  • High School!

    High School!
    Starting high school at Richmond Green Secondary School.
    It was one of the major changes in my life