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Spanish Nicknames Origins

By awc802
  • Jun 27, 1076

    Publio Elio Adriano

    Publio Elio Adriano
    My name is Josie. Pubilo Elio Adriano was born in 76 AD and died in 138 AD. He was one of the five best emperors and was originally from Spain. I picked him because there was never a girl emperor in history. If emporers were ever brought back to earth, I would love to be one.
  • Oct 2, 1487

    Queen Isabel of Castille

    Queen Isabel of Castille
    My name is Vatzana and I chose this person because she is a woman and she was the queen of Castille. We are connected because we both have a proud accomplishment.
  • Jul 27, 1491

    San Ignasio De Loyola

    San Ignasio De Loyola
    I am Jenna and I chose San Ignasio De because he was a Roman Catholic preacher, and although I am not Roman Catholic, I love to write he always wrote about his experiences in Loyola, New Orleans. He died on his birthday, in 1609. He lived to be very old, and I hope I can too!
  • David Farragut

    David Farragut
    David farragut commanded his first ship at age 12 in the U.S. military. I chose this person because my Papa was in the military. Farragut was a native of Minorca, Spain.
  • Emilia Pardo Bazán

    Emilia Pardo Bazán
    My name is Vaunia and I chose Emelia because we are alot alike. I love to read and she loves to write. Without facinating writers like her, kids would not LOVE reading. Born in 1852, she published her first book "Pascual Lopez" in 1879. The same year her daughter Blanca was born and her son had a new baby sister. That must've been a really joyful year for her. I know it would've been one for me.
  • Pablo Picasso

    Pablo Picasso
    My name is Miller and I chose to be nicknamed after Pablo Picasso. Pablo was born in 1881 and died in 1973.
    His paintings were so good they made a muesum to dedicate him. I chose Pablo because I like to paint too.
  • Juan Ramón Jiménez

    Juan Ramón Jiménez
    My name is Kayleigh and I chose Juan Ramon Jimenez because he is a writer and kept going and never gave up. I also chose him because he started writing at a young age which was 18. Which is so cool!
  • Lee Trevino

    Lee Trevino
    Trevino was in the golf hall of fame and was also the PGA player of the year in 1981. My name is Kevin and I chose this person because I sometimes like to play golf, but not too often.
  • Isabel Allende

    Isabel Allende
    Hi my name is Dana. In 1973, she left Chili and moved to Venezuela for the safety for her family when her uncle got assasinated. I chose her because she is very intelligent just like me.She has a unique life like me. I know she's old, but i want to meet her badly!!!!!
  • Mario José Molina

    Mario José Molina
    My name is Niaviana and I chose this person because I have always wanted to be a scientist. In 1995, Molina J Mario won a Nobel Prize. We love the same thing, science.
  • Joan Miro

    Joan Miro
    My name Hunter and I chose Joan Miro because he is a painter. I connect with Joan Miro because we both have creative minds and like to draw a lot of things.
  • Gabriela Mistral

    Gabriela Mistral
    My name is Brianna. In 1958, Gabriela's complete poetry was published. I chose this person because I love to write and use my imagination.
  • Severiano "Seve" Ballesteros

    Severiano "Seve" Ballesteros
    In 1980 and 1983 he won the Masters tournament. I chose him because he was good in golf and I am also good at what I do. We connect because he loves sports and so do I.
  • Fernando Valenzuela

    Fernando Valenzuela
    My name is James and I chose Fernando as my nickname because we both appreciate sports. He played for the Los Angeles Dodgers. He lost 153 games and won 173 games in his career. He was in the hall of fame .