Spanish American War Timeline

Timeline created by TraceyUdoh
  • The DeLome Letter

    The DeLome Letter
    A note written by Senor Don to the foreign minister of spain regarding his opinion about the spanish involvement in Cuba and McKinley's diplomacy.
  • Sinking of the USS Maine

    Sinking of the USS Maine
    the harbor was lit by a massive explosion that ripped through the forward section of Maine as five tons of powder for the ship's guns detonated.
  • US Declaration of War on Spain

    US Declaration of War on Spain
    the United States Congress declared war upon Spain. The following Spanish–American War resulted in a decisive victory for the United States, and arguably served as a transitional period for both nations.
  • Attack on Manila Bay

    Attack on Manila Bay
    The battle took place in Manila Bay in the Philippines, and was the first major engagement of the Spanish-American War. The battle was one of the most decisive naval battles in history and marked the end of the Spanish colonial period in Philippine history.
  • Battle of San Juan Hill

    Battle of San Juan Hill
    This fight for the heights was the bloodiest and most famous battle of the war. It was also the location of the greatest victory for the Rough Riders.
  • Treaty of Paris

    Treaty of Paris
    In France, the Treaty of Paris is signed, formally ending the Spanish-American War and granting the United States its first overseas empire.