Spanish -American War timeline

  • William S. bought alaska

    William Seward (secretary of state under Abraham Lincon) bought alaska from Russia. It was a very good move but not everyone was happy with his idea. It costed him 7.2 million, people called it "Polar bear garden" and "Sewards icebox" Its was such a good idea because it had lots of resources and it paid off the United States very quickly.
  • Seward retired

    Seward wanted more territory, so before he reitred in 1869 he considerd buying the Hawaii islands with volcanic and coral islands. He never did, but almost 30yrs later thats another story.
  • U.S. naval base

    When we figured out the value of the islands, Hawaii was pressured to have a U.S naval base at Pearl Habor. The base was an important fuel station for merchant and military ships bound for Asia.
  • Queen Liliuokalini

    Queen liliuokalini became leader of Hawaii. She knew that the planters had too much influence, so she limited the planters power. At about the same time the U.S. trade laws changed to favor sugar grown in the U.S.
  • Revolt

    The planters got angery with the U.S. from the threats to their economic and political interests. So they started a revolt, they teamed up with the marines and the queen was overthrown. They started a new gov, later they asked the U.S. to annex them
  • Planters request

    President Ben Harrison got the planters request, he approved of it and sent it a treaty to the senate. Before the senate could do anything Grover Cleveland became president. He didnt like the treaty so it was withdrew.
  • U.S.S. Marine

    Mckinley sent the U.S.S. Marine to Cuba. Riots began in the capital Havana, the battle ship was sent to protect U.S. citizens. The next month the marine went boom boom and sunk in Havanas harbor, it killed 260 sailors.
  • How the Spanish American war began

    President Mckinley signed a resolution for Cuba's independence and demanded a withdrawl of Spanish forces. Spain had 3 days to respond, they refused so then the war began.
  • Battle in Manila

    When the Spanish American war began Dewey went to Manila, the capital of Philippine was part of where the Spanish fleet was located. The battle in the bay of Manila started early morning, then afternoon his forcres crusheed the fleet. around 380 Spanish people died or were wounded. Not a single American died.
  • Truce signed

    Spain signed a truce to the U.S. secretary of state John Hay, that it was a splendid little war. But for Spain 4 centuries of glory had come to an end.