Spanish American War

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  • US. Attempt to Purchase Cuba

    US. Attempt to Purchase Cuba
    Diplomats recommended Franklin Pierce to have the US buy Cuba from Spain. The Cubans rebel against Spain it failed. Cuban People did not force Spain to end slavery. After the emancipation, America's capitalists financed millions of dollars in large sugar cane plantations.
  • Cuba's first war of Independence

    Cuba's first war of Independence
    1868-1878 it was the start of the 10-year war it was the beginning of Cubas fight for independence from Spain this war was ineffective. The United States did not ignore this war in 1895.
  • Treaty of Paris

    Treaty of Paris
    The Treaty of Paris was a great debate for the United States. There were many arguments if the United States had the right to extended that the Philippines. there was a problem with the extension. He wanted to educate the Filipinos. Many other prominent Americans presents many arguments about annexation. Feb, ^the 1899 the Treat of Paris got approved.
  • Jose Marti Led Cuba's Second War for Independence

    Jose Marti Led Cuba's Second War for Independence
    The Anti-Spanish portion of Cuba was soon in the second war of independence. In 1895, they knew Jose Marti as a journalist he had began a revolution in 1895. Marti organized Cuban resistance against Spain he used a campaign and purposely destroyed property. He destroyed plantations and sugar mills owned by Americans.
  • Valeriano Weyler was sent to Cuba by Spain

    Valeriano Weyler was sent to Cuba by Spain
    Valeriano Weyler crowed central, and western Cuba into concentration camps to rebellions. Weyler's Policy had a policy where the population had eight days to move in their camps. Any person who disobeyed the rules was shot at. Over 400,000 Cubans died because of the policy.
  • Yellow Journalism

    Yellow Journalism
    Weyler's actions lead to war over newspaper circulations. The Newspapers developed between William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer. How they made readers entertained by their article Hearts "New York Journal" and Pulitzer's New work world exaggerated accounts. They used reporters such as James Creelman of "Butcher". They used headlines about Weyler Brutality. this became known as Yellow Journalism.
  • De Lome Letter

    De Lome Letter
    Enrique Depuy wrote a private letter to the Spanish minister. A Cuban stole the letter from the Havana post office and sent it to the newspaper desperate for malicious gossip. The letter criticized President McKinley calling him "weak" and "a bidder for the admiration of the crowd." this embarrassed the Spanish government, and they apologized, and the minister reconciled.
  • The U.S.S Maine Explodes

    The U.S.S Maine Explodes
    After the de Lome letter, The American's bitterness towards Spain turned to outrage. President McKinley sent out danger by ordering the U.S. S Maine to Cuba to bring Americans danger from fighter and to protect the American Property. the ship blew up on the harbor of Havana on February 15, 1898. Over 260 men got killed instantly. Many people were clueless about why the ship exploded. American newspapers came to accusations to blame the Spanish.
  • The U.S declared war on Spain

    The U.S declared war on Spain
    After the destruction of the U.S. S Maine and the Naval court of inquiry's implications of Spain. which made a settle for conflict and wanted the war to declare for months.
  • the naval blockade

    the naval blockade
    In the Caribbean, hostilities began in the naval blockade of Cuba. Admiral William T. Sampson sealed up the Spanish fleet in the harbor of Santiago de Cuba. Dewey's victory at Manila had shown the superiority of the United States Naval forces. 125,000 Americans volunteered to fight.
  • U.S Attack of Manila Bay

    U.S Attack of Manila Bay
    The day commodore Dewey and his Asiatic Squadron defeated the Spanish fleet in Manila Bay. George got known as one of the most celebrated heroes. Dewey's victory allowed Americans U.S troops to land in the Philippines.
  • U.S troops land in Cuba

    U.S troops land in Cuba
    U.S troops land on the Cuban Land. For many months they stationed the troops in Tampa, Florida. General William had chosen a station ground for eventual troop deployment Cuba. 25,000 U.S troops which the population was of 25,00 at a time. They chose Tampa because it was closer to Cuba.
  • Victory of San Juan Hill

    Victory of San Juan Hill
    The United States military won the most significant land victory. The battle of San Juan Cuba. On June 22nd, 1898 General William R. Shafter and the fifth corps landed in Daiquiri and started their trip to San Juan. The most recognized thing that happened in the Spanish-American war is when Roosevelt chargers up to San Juan with kettle hill. Roosevelt was riding with his rough riders he got celebrated with songs and newspaper articles.
  • The Destruction of the Spanish Fleet

    The Destruction of the Spanish Fleet
    The Spanish Fleet tried to Escape the American blockade of the harbor of Santiago. The naval battle followed along the Cuban coast, need the destruction of the Spanish. in terms of victory, Americans obtrude upon Puerto Rico on July 25th.
  • Capture of Puerto Rico

    Capture of Puerto Rico
    The United States and Spain came together in Paris on a treating, at a sign of peace Spain freed Cuba and turned over the island of Guam in the Pacific and Puerto Rico in the west indies. Spain also gave the Philippines to the United States for $20 million.
  • Spanish surrender to the Philippines

    Spanish surrender to the Philippines
    Devey had support from the Filipinos they liked the Cubans. they also wanted freedom from Spain. 2 months after 11,000 Americans joined forces. In august Spanish Troops in Manila surrendered to the U.S.
  • Armistice signed between the U.S and Spain

    Armistice signed between the U.S and Spain
    this Agreement was to end Secretary of State Jon Hay Called 'a splendid little war.' The war lasted was only 15 weeks.