Spanish American War

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    Spanish American War

    Causes of the War between the United States and Spain over the territories of Cuba and the Philippines.
  • Sugarcane Trade

    Cuba exported sugar to the United States until the sugar tariff was imposed by the United States. This tariff caused a downfall to Cuba's economy.
  • Cuban Rebellion

    Lead by Jose Marti, the Cuban rebels fought again against the Spanish and gained control of eastern Cuba and gained their independence. Marti died during the fighting. The Republic of Cuba was established.
  • United States asks to Intervene

    President Mckinley wanted to help negotiate an end of the conflict between Spain and Cuba.
  • Spanish loyalists riot in Havana

    Cuba would not negotiate with Spain which made many Spanish loyalists angry. The angry loyalists caused riots in the city of Havana. President McKinley sent the battleship USS Maine to Havana in order to protect the American people who lived there.
  • "Remember the Maine"

    The battleship USS Maine exploded in the Havana Harbor. Many American's believed that the Spanish cased the explosion to happen, but there was never any prof. This caused many Americans to call for a declaration of war on Spain.
  • Declaration of War

    President Mckinley and Congress declare Cuba as independent and demand that Spain withdraw. Congress authorizes the use of armed force if the Spanish will not leave Cuba. Spain responds with a declaration of war on the United States 5 days later.
  • Spain Surrenders

    After many battles on land and sea, the American troops attacked a village near Santiago and captured San Juan Hill. The American war ships attacked the Spanish fleet in the harbor and destroyed all the Spanish vessels. the spanish in Santiago surrendered.
  • Peace Treaty

    In the peace treaty, Cuba gained its independence and the U.S. acquired the islands of Guam and Puerto Rico. They U.S. also paid $20 million for the Philippines. This treaty helped the United States to become an imperial power.