Spanish American War

  • Yellow Journalism

    Yellow Journalism
    In the 1890's newspaper comp. begins. Using large, exaggerated, attention grabbing headlines, Yellow Journalism started. Journalists especially took off when writing about the U.S.S Maine Battleship.
  • Cuban Rebellion/Spanish Brutality

    Cuban Rebellion/Spanish Brutality
    Cubans grow frustration in 1895 for being ruled over. Spain started the "Reconstruction Policy" for rebellions. By 1898 1/3rd of the population was in camps. 30% died from starvation and disease.
  • America Business Interests

    America Business Interests
    The American-Cuban trade reached $100 mil in 1895. Spain and Cuban rebels relied on land for army's. Crops were used to sustain men and help finance fighting. Americans called U.S. government to protect U.S. property.
  • Reconcentration Policy

    Reconcentration Policy
    The Reconcentration Policy sent thousand of Cubans into concentration camps. They had eight days to move into the camps and if they did not and they were found... they were shot.
  • U.S.S Maine

    U.S.S Maine
    In 1898 the U.S.S Maine exploded in Havana, killing 260 men. It was a battleship that was sent to protect American Interests. America blamed Spain in newspapers but Spain denied every accusation.
  • TR and the Rough Riders

    TR and the Rough Riders
    Spanish American War began 1898. TR joined the 1st U.S. volunteer calvary. TR and his men forced a Spanish retreat. 89/490 riders were killed. Historians agree TR's bravery and crucial victory battle San Juan Hill.
  • Results of Spanish/American War

    Results of Spanish/American War
    The war cost America $250 mil and 3,000 lives. 90% had perished from diseases. U.S. gained independence in 1946.
  • De Lome Letter

    De Lome Letter
    The De Lome Letter was a letter written by the Spanish Ambassador to the United States to the foreign minister of Spain. It reveals De Loms opinion about the Spanish involvement in Cuba and US president McKinley's diplomacy.