spanish american war

By Joylynn
  • buy Cuba

    diplomats recommend to the president to buy Cuba from Spain.
  • Period: to


    Cuban's rebelled against Spain
  • End Slavery

    Cuban people have Spain ban slavery
  • Revolution

    Jose Marti a Cuban poet from New York launched a Revolution
  • Camps

    Spain's response to the revolt was to send general Valeriano Weyler to restore order in Cuba. He decided the best choice of action was concentration camps. over 300,000 people died of hunger and disease.
  • The calm

    William McKinley takes office as president and when done so. the demand for the help of American's for Cuba to stop a war from happening with Spain.
  • Letter

    The New York Journal published a private letter written by Enrique Dupuy de Lome. This letter is showing how the Spanish do not care for us Americans for how Enrique is talking bad about the president.
  • USS Maine

    USS Maine
    USS Maine is sent to Cuba by the president to help get Americans to safety. on the 15th of Febuary the Maine blew up in the harbor of Havana where over 260 men died.
  • Rough Riders

    Rough Riders
    A group of volunteer calvary led by TR and Leonard Wood. they helped win the battle on Kettle Hill.
  • Paris

    Spain and the US make a treaty in Paris. Spain freed Cuba, Guam, Porta Rico, and sold the Philippians to them.