Spanish American War

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  • U.S attempt to purchase Cuba

    U.S attempt to purchase Cuba
    The U.S had an interest in Cuba because of the Sugar Plantation. A diplomat recommended to President Franklin Pierce that the United States should by Cuba. It's important for the United States to buy Cuba because it has financial benefits.
  • Cuba's First War for Independence.

    Cuba's First War for Independence.
    Carlos Manuel gave a speech called "Cry of Yara", he had slaves and freed them. He declared a war on the Spanish crown, he had 37 other partners join him in freeing their slaves. The first fight with the Spanish troops took place at Yara two days later. By November the army gained 12,000 men. It's important because the war took place to free slaves, at the end of the war slaves were being freed.
  • The Yellow Press begun to shape American public opinion with respect to Cuba's Civil War

    The Yellow Press begun to shape American public opinion with respect to Cuba's Civil War
    A designer "Hogan's Alley" created The Yellow Kid for the owner Pulitzer. William Hearst wanted to compete against Pulitzer so he hired "Hogen's Alley" and copied/created the style of The Yellow Kid, later on, the second Yellow Kid came about It turned into the yellow press, it explained the terrible things happening in that period. An example would be the newspaper was the sinking of the USS Maine. It was important because everyone thought the President wasn't doing the right thing.
  • Jose Marí led Cuba's Second War for Independence

    Jose Marí led Cuba's Second War for Independence
    Jose was a Cuban poet who led the Cuban resistance against Spain; they killed him early on. He was using the Guerrilla Campaign, trying to encourage people to destroy property that belonged to the United States. It was important because it started a rebellion.
  • Valeriano Weyler was sent to Cuba by Spain

    Valeriano Weyler was sent to Cuba by Spain
    The Spanish sent General Weyler who was known as "The Butcher" to Cuba to stop the fight. General had lived up to his name. General Weyler build concentration camps to prevent the fight for the population against the Spanish; he wanted to stop the rebellion.Even though his idea of setting up the concentration camps, it led to a war
  • Publication of the De Lome Letter

    Publication of the De Lome Letter
    A letter from President William McKinley calling Jim Fragile and only doing what the people wanted him to do. The letter encouraged the public to support the war more than they already did. When the Spanish received the letter they sent it to the yellow press, they made it a bigger deal then what it needed to be. It was really important because it helped gain more support towards the president, it also helped win the war.
  • Explosion of the USS Maine

    Explosion of the USS Maine
    President McKinley ordered the USS Maine to bring back the American citizens to protect them from the fighting. The ship blew up killing 260 crew members. On April 13, 1898, the newspaper made an assumption that the Spanish had blown the ship up. The ship blowing up was important because we blamed it on Spain because it was in their area.
  • Naval Blockade of Cuba

    Naval Blockade of Cuba
    The American's took their ships and blocked the entrance to the harbor at Santiago. Later on, the Cuban's had to surrender to the Americans in order for them to get out without a fight. It was important because It was the first American move into the Spanish American War.
  • U.S declares war on Spain

    U.S declares war on Spain
    The war started by the sinking ship of the Battleship Maine in Havana harbor on February 15, 1898. The United States claim they wouldn't attempt to take over Cuba. The rough riders traveled to the Philippians to attack and overpower Santiago and Puerto Rico The war only lasted four months, the war stopped when we signed the Treaty of Paris. It was important because we gained two other colonies
  • U.S attack on Manila Bay

    U.S attack on Manila Bay
    The United States had a war with Spain following the sinking of the ship; the war ended after the Treaty of Paris was signed. The Americans sought out to find the Spanish fleet then we fired. After two hours, the Spanish fleet was destroyed. We had plans to go back the next day, but the Spanish had surrendered. Spanish lost over 370 troops but we only lost less than that. It's important because it was one of the first battles.
  • U.S invades Cuba

    U.S invades Cuba
    In the Summer of 1898 after the USS Maine blew up, and the war was declared. We trained thousands of men in Florida to help invade Cuba. We invaded Cuba to stop the ear and so we could gain their power. It's important because it led to us winning the war. We wanted to have an empire and be a part of the "club", we also wanted Cuba for the economic benefits.
  • Battle for San Juan Hill

    Battle for San Juan Hill
    The Americans landed in Cuba in June and met on the port of Santiago. The army of Rough Riders was a group of people who volunteered, but Leonard Wood pressured them into doing it. Teddy Roosevelt gave up his job at the Navy to lead the Rough Riders. They were the first to charge; it helped them because they ended up winning. The press said that Teddy Roosevelt was the hero of the battle. It's important because it set up Spain to surrender; it was also the last battle of the ear.
  • Destruction of the Spanish fleet in Cuba

    Destruction of the Spanish fleet in Cuba
    After the Battle of Santiago de Cuba, the Spanish weren't safe because the U.S was pointing guns at them. Two destroyers and four cruisers left early because they wanted to be able to escape. The Rough Riders chased them down and killed them. - Led to the San Juan Hill Battle.
  • Capture of Puerto Rico

    Capture of Puerto Rico
    Wasn't really any battlers fought but we sent some soldiers to Puerto Rico and asked them to surrender; they agreed then during the Treaty of Paris we took over. It's important because we still own them till this day
  • Spanish surrender the Philippines

    Spanish surrender the Philippines
    Two weeks after the United States attack on Manila Bay, General Merrit made a deal to stop fighting if we didn't go near them. There were a few deaths, but it leads to The Treaty of Paris. It's important because it shows they wanted to stop fighting.
  • Armistice is signed between the U.S & Spain

    Armistice is signed between the U.S & Spain
    . Armistice is when the Spanish signed a paper saying they couldn't fight us anymore because they knew they would lose. It was important because it helped end a war. It happened before the Treaty of Paris, once the Armistice was signed the Treaty of Paris was created.
  • Treaty of Paris

    Treaty of Paris
    The United States and Spain signed a treaty so the fighting would stop. On Agust 12th, it was decided that the fighting would stop between the two. The treaty was signed on December 10,1898 that ended the small war. The fighting only lasted about 4 months, but Spain freed Cuba over to the United States, also gave us Guam and Puerto Rico. Spain sold the Philippines to the U.S for $20 million. This was important because we came to a truce with Spain and also gained 3 other colonies.