spanish-american war

  • japanese artist

    A japanese artist portayed commodoer Matthew Perry's meeting with japanese offials resorces: the book
  • McKinly sent the U.S.S Main to Cuba

    the battleship was dispached to protect the U.S Citizens resorces: the book
  • Congressional Resolution

    McKinley sighned a resplution that called for Cuba to have it's independence Resorces: the book
  • Gain control of Santiago's port

    American Troops had to capture San Juan Hill oin order to obtain control Resorces: the book
  • secretaty of state

    The Secretary of state John Hay asked nations involved in the region Resorces: the book
  • american troops

    american troops were able to restor order resorces:the book
  • got out of

    The united States got out of a revalotion and the new nation of panama was created resorces: the book
  • Roosevelt visited

    Roosevelt visted Panama and wrote a letter discribing work Resorses: the book
  • united states agree

    The united states agree to make Puerto Rico a self-governing territory resorces: the book
  • The united states finally

    The united States finally paied Colombia $25 million for the loss of Panama resorces: the book